Just 5 Excellent Dogs at Black Lives Matter Protests

To my and many other’s delight, people are bringing their dogs to Black Lives Matter protests. Thanks to these kind folks, the internet is now flooded with precious anti-racism dog pictures. Here are five good boys and girls that will bring you an instant smile.

This dog is cute and well-behaved.
Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

This pooch can definitely protect and serve me. This dog understands that police don’t undergo enough training even though they are at such a high position of power.

This dog at a Black Lives Matter protest went viral last week and for good reason.
Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

This big and bold Golden retriever is sweet as can be, and when he’s around a nasty racist he will attack! What a good boy he is. We should all be so lucky to have him. Excuse me while I train my dog to bite racists too.

A family friendly, yet honest dog! This dog knows how to cater to all audiences.
Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

This intelligent dog is sitting back and speaking the truth. He or she understands that in order for there to be racial equality in America, we must change our law enforcement.

This cutie said, “Black Lives Matter, period!”
Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

This adorable dog’s face says it all. If you don’t think Black Lives Matter then you’re going to get what’s coming to you.

This tiny, but mighty dog is SICK of America’s racism. It’s written all over his/her face.
Photo Courtesy of Twitter.

No matter how small, every voice matters in the Black Lives Matter movement. This dog is probably 8 pounds of pure anti-racism, and they will not be messed with. 

Something to keep in mind if you’re planning on bringing your dog(s) to a Black Lives Matter protest: if violence is inflicted on protestors, your dog might get thrown into the mix. Smaller dogs could get trampled in the heat of the moment. This is just something to keep in mind!

Otherwise, keep on keepin’ on. 

Politically Speaking

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