The Planets and Stars Are Beyond Whacky RN

Welcome to Cancer, Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse season! If you aren’t into astrology then that sentence might not have sounded like English. Whoops.

If that’s the case then I recommend you read your birth chart and get back to me. Because if astrology is fake, tell me why Scorpios and Geminis are like that. Yeah, you can’t.

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash

For my fellow astrology buffs, you know that shit in the sky has been super wild lately. And I mean WILD. Currently, four major planets and MERCURY are retrograding. Even astrology haters have heard of mercury retrograde because us astrology lovers dread this time of year.

That’s because communication is in the crapper during Mercury retrograde. It feels like every minor inconvenience that could happen, does happen. Forget making plans because when mercury’s retrograding, the Universe will turn your world upside down. But maybe I’m just being dramatic.

Oh wait, no I’m not! Because not only are five planets retrograde, but we’ve also entered Cancer season. As an Aries, Cancer season means cry baby season to me. That’s because in my experience, Cancers are overly emotional, clingy, passive aggressive water signs. So you might find it easier to cry and repress your feelings for the next month.I can’t wait!

Okay, okay. I’m being super bitter about the stars and planets right now because it’s not all bad. There are positive astrological events occurring. For one, yesterday there was an Eclipse and New Moon. This means change is on the horizon for humanity as a collective. An Eclipse is a catalyst for a brand new era, which is something many of us are striving for.

On both a smaller and larger scale, we can expect great transformations in the near future. These transformations will most likely affect our home structures, belief systems, and family values. This makes so much sense considering the state of the world. We are living through one of the most life-changing years in human history. I mean there’s the pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement, political climate, climate change, and more. 2020 is all about transformation.

I know it sounds kooky, but humanity needs all the help it can get. If the moon and stars can cast their magic to make us have better lives and a better planet then I’m all for it. We need positive change. We need healing energy. We need a breakthrough. It’s long overdue.

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