Alaska Airlines Passengers Will Get a Yellow Card If They Do Not Comply With Facemask Use

Passengers might get temporarily banned from flying on the airline.

Alaska Airlines decided to implement a new warning procedure so that passengers comply with the mask policy during flights. This measure copies the soccer system of warnings. You will not be expelled from the plane, but they could suspend you from using the airline.

Reinvention is a challenge during these times, thanks to the “new normal” that the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it. However, some companies are more creative than others in finding solutions to new challenges.

At least this was the case of Alaska Airlines, which designed a new protocol to ensure compliance with health and hygiene measures during its flights.

The air transport company decided to implement the soccer warning system so that passengers comply with the mask policy during flights. This measure came into force on June 30.

Alaska Airlines’ officials stated, the flight attendants will be in charge of conducting the “arbitration” among passengers. They will have the power to issue a final notice to any passenger who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask on airplanes.

The warning will be given in the form of a yellow card, just as the referees do in World Cup matches.

Passengers might get a yellow card if they do not use facemasks on Alaska Airlines

This way, the passenger history with Alaska Airlines will be reviewed and could be suspended for a period of time. “This decision was not taken lightly. By collaborating together, we do more for the common good” said a spokesperson to the airline.

Alaska Airlines says they are open to considering particular cases where wearing a mask might be uncomfortable for passengers.

“We understand that not everyone can cover their faces when they travel. Some exceptions include: children under the age of 2, passengers with a medical problem that creates trouble breathing, people who cannot remove a mask without help, or anyone with a disability who might prevent them from wearing a mask.”

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