Unique Music Genres You Absolutely NEED to Check Out

1. Electro Swing

Electro Swing has been getting some well-deserved attention after a few songs were featured in TikTok trends, but the genre itself is still a bit niche. It offers a unique sound that mixes modern-day electro with the classic sounds from the 30s and 40s, creating something that definitely makes you want to dance. No wonder TikTokers love it so much!

2. Synthwave

Synthwave is a personal favorite of mine! If you’re feeling nostalgic for the synth and reverb of the 80s, synthwave is the place to be. This genre gives us a crisp, refreshing sound that’s reminiscent of our favorite childhood video games and TV shows while still sounding new and exciting. Gunship is a quintessential synthwave band and makes some great tunes to play in the background while you’re working or studying. I also like to listen to it while I’m skateboarding to give my ride a cinematic feeling.

3. Gothic Country

If you’re a fan of the twang but not a huge fan of sexism and xenophobia, you might vibe with Gothic Country. This is a dark genre that might remind us of older country music like Johnny Cash, but typically covers subject material like God, American culture, and sometimes murder or other crime. This genre really clicked with me when I was living in the Appalachian wilderness.

3. Psychedelic Rock

If you can’t decide whether you want to headbang or trip, Psychadelic Rock is the perfect compromise. This genre uses repetitive beats to create something mind-boggling and addictive. As a lifelong metalhead, I really enjoyed this genre during my college days, when parties were at their wildest.

4. Electro Country

This genre may sound a bit similar to the Gothic Country music we listened to earlier, but with one major difference: the twang is matched with wubs and dubs. It edges towards psychedelic, but stays in the realm of electro and gives a bit of a steampunk feeling. The lyrical content ranges from deep to nonsensical, and the song I’ve embedded above leans a little closer to the latter.

5. Deathstep

Have you ever wanted to feel like an ancient god about to enter war with some unknowable force? Deathstep is the genre for you! It takes its name from “dubstep,” the hard electro-genre, but is mixed with deathmetal. If you listen to the above example, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Be warned, though: it’s some heavy stuff! Just wait until the bass drop.

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