30 year old Americans have been drinking more during the covid 19 pandemic than they did the previous year

There has been a rapid increase in alcoholic beverages that were consumed by 30 years old Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The research conducted among volunteers aged from 30 to 80 years old by the journal JAMA Network Open reveals the frequency of alcohol consumption has risen by about 14% from 2019.

The outcome outlined an increase in the number of drinks people had over the lockdown, distinctly 17% of women, 19% of people aged 30 to 59, and 10% of white people were drinking more in 2020 than in 2019.

The World Health Organisation stated and were warning back in April 2020 that the result of the lockdown may drive people to alcohol consumption, risk-taking behaviors, violence, and mental health issues.

The Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Dr. George Koods is also concerned about the spread of the coronavirus disease to the community if people are drinking in bars and parties and become more social. Koods suggests finding healthy ways to cope with this crisis as to take regular breaks from work, exercise, get enough sleep, and maintain a regular overall schedule.

Experts are also concerned about a rise in the number of substance user disorders as in this pandemic the stress levels appear to climate and can set the ground for an increase of the substance users or can cause a user relapse.

It is up to us to set our limits in our everyday life, setting them up wisely to not cause harm to our health but also others around us can be the basis to a constructive, productive, and beneficial outcome in our day to day life.

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