Give Yourself Time To Grow

I absolutely love to guest blog. I was so honored to blog on this awesome site Blush Social Media at

I wrote an awesome piece on how we should give ourselves time to grow as we go about our entrepreneur journey. We often times try to quickly reach our goals in 8.5 seconds and don’t enjoy our process to success.

Give Yourself Time To Grow So You Can Be The Ultimate Boss Babe!

Check it out! Let me know what you think about it.

If you have not been making sales like you thought you were making maybe you are not hitting your target market. I like to call these people your “tribe.” Once you find out who is your tribe, how you can find them, and how turn them into loyal paying customers, your business will skyrocket. That is why I have written How To Grow Your Tribe this E-book to assist you in doing just that. You can purchase on Amazon for only $2.99!

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Business and mindset coach here. Empowering you to find your passion, build your business, and live the life of your dreams! Check out my podcast debuting in Feb. 2021 Your Small Business Podcast. A platform where small businesses can put their business in the spotlight and grow! Email me if interested in being on the show at
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How To Grow Your Tribe Ebook-

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