Christmas DIY Decorations

It is that time of year where families create more memories for the holidays. With this year being all about the closeness and bonds we make with our family and friends; there has been non stop creation of different crafts and art projects.

Here are 4 simple creative crafts to make for the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The items you will need to make these adorable ornaments are popsicle sticks, colored paint, glue, scissors, stones and stars, all fix glue and ribbon.

First, start by cutting popsicle pieces into different sizes. Use the paint to color the popsicles in different colors of your choice. (Green paint for the tree and brown for the tree trunk). Once the paint dries, add all fix glue on the popsicle stick that represents the tree trunk. Place cut popsicle pieces on top to look like a layered Christmas tree, long pieces on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Next, add glue to the very top and place a decorative star. Once that dries, apply glue on top of the painted popsicle sticks and apply the decorative stones. The last step is to flip the ornament over. Cut a piece of ribbon and apply all fix glue to one end and press onto the very top of the ornament where the decorative star is. Apply all fix glue to the top of that ribbon end and have the other end of the ribbon on top.

Table Centerpiece

For this decoration you will need glass candle holders, hot glue, and Christmas ornaments (white trees are used in photo).

You start by cutting off the strings from the ornaments. You place hot glue on the edges of the glass candle holder where you will stick the ornament. Carefully placed the sides of the ornament on the hot glue spots and hold until dry. Very simple and easy decor to do which isn’t time consuming. To add some flair to your decor pieces you can dress them with paint, glitter, or any other kinds of art to make them original and fun.

Modern Christmas Nutcracker

For this you will need nutcrackers (find at any store), scissors, white spray paint, and holly felt stickers.

First, you will use the scissors to trim all the hair off of the nutcrackers. Next, spray paint them with the white paint and wait until they dry completely. Finally, you decorate them with the holly felt stickers. This design is for a chic more modern take on Christmas decor and can be a great for table setting.

Pom Pom Christmas Trees

The items you will need for this are different color yarns, fork, scissors, hot glue gun, and styrofoam cones.

Begin by wrapping yard around the fork prongs at least forty times or more (depending how big you want the Pom Pom to look). Next, cut a piece of the color string you used (depends on which color yarn you used to make each individual Pom Pom) and put it through the center prong of the fork and tie it at the center to keep yarn in place. Next, you get a scissor and cut around the small balls of yarn to create Pom Poms. Grab the hot glue gun and apply all the Pom Poms to cover every crevice of the styrofoam cone.

I hope these four simple creative decorations inspire you to add a little joy to your home.

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