My breath stops, gasping for air.

Images of my face staring back at me from a wooded box.

A casket made of maple, my favorite wood.

My heart beats once, twice.

Breathe, take a breath.

The air seems so fresh and pure.

My heart beats, my image fades in.

My friends and family all gather around the maple coffin.

I look inside and then at them.

Tears in their eyes as they kiss me.

Air, breathe.

The pain in my chest, as if my body is rejecting the air.

My heart beats once, twice.

Oh, precious life.

Earth, I am not ready to join you yet.

My daughters, the reason my heart beats, the reason the air tastes so sweet.

The time passes it seems like forever since my last breath.

My friends and family sit in their chairs, cold hard metal chairs.

My husband takes center stage.

I hear words beautiful, delicate, loving, devoted wife.

His tears hit the podium they pound in my ears.

My friends one, by one, takes center stage.

I see my daughters call out to me.

Breathe just breathe

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