5 Reasons Why Your Blog Views Are Not Rising Like Bread

Endless hours of sitting at your computer typing out the best blogs you have ever written.

Checking your stats everyday to see how many people have looked at your blogs.

The growth you have been looking for has not happened. Your followers go up and down and your biting your manicured nails trying to figure out why. Your mustard seed has not grown into the mountain you have been working so hard for.


Running a blog is hard work. It takes patience, dedication, consistency,  and a lot of time watching the numbers climb. There are 12 million people who blog via social media networks and 6.7 million who blog on blogging sites. Trust me, you are not the only one.



Having goals is how we all succeed. You have a goal, come up with a strategy to accomplish it, and then put it into action.  What if you have too many goals you are working on at the same time?

  • 5000 followers on Instagram
  • 15,000 followers on Pinterest
  • 20,000 subscribers on your email list
  • 50,000 Youtube followers

All the while working a full time job, raising three children, and keeping a husband happy. This goal is doable, but it needs to be  with patience. So many people blog for a couple of weeks or a  for a full month and then quit because it’s not growing fast enough. It takes time. Those numbers above are doable, but it will work better over time. You have to have a plan and tweak it as you go along. Here is an example of a goal that is plausible and will not tear your nerves up focusing on a huge number:

Get 500 subscribers

And how do you get those subscribers? Focus on your content and posting quality pics. If you have to cook dinner, help kids with homework; just thinking about trying to get 5000 Instagram followers is overwhelming. Scale it down a bit. Putting out good content and pics on a regular basis will have the followers increase.

Make a few goals for three to four month to follow. Then you can gauge it  and see if the things you are trying are working or if you need to restrategize.

Follow the guide below to plan out your goals. You even have to have a plan to make goals!



You blog sporadically during the week, post three to four pics on Instagram, and forget all about Pinterest and your Facebook page.

Being consistent will grow your blog tremendously. Followers will know your schedule and be expecting your updates. Following a schedule is tremendously important when blogging. Scheduling a month in advance will work wonders with your blog. Write on a calendar each day what you will do for your blog, what social media outlets you will use for that day, what topics you will blog about. And follow your schedule day to day.

8. Following a Schedule


Blogging takes patience and time. I know you are tired of hearing that, but it is true. If you can put in eight hours a day at a job that you are making some one else rich,  you defitnely can put in some time on your blog weekly. Set out some time to make sure you are putting in work. Your blog is your business. Set a start time and an end time. Clock in and out of your blog. Two hours on Monday. Three hours on Wednesday. You have to put time in to make your blog a success.



Watch where all of your traffic is coming from. Is it Facebook, StumbleUpon, or Pinterest? What time of the day are you getting your most views on your blog? This is critical to know and will help you grow your following. It makes absolutely no sense to dedicate time to something that is not working. If you have no views on Pinterest or repins, figure out why. Are you posting at the wrong time? Pics not of good quality?



Having subscribers via email will work wonders for your blog. Subscribers will know exactly when you post a new blog by getting an alert in their emails. This can be an easy way to engage with your subscribers. The best email list providers are:


-Constant Contact






Your blog is on social media platforms. Hence the word social. You have to engage with your audience. People want to feel like you care about them because they are helping you increase your business. All those likes, shares, and comments help get more followers. Talk to your followers. When they comment on your blog talk back. Engage with them. The more you engage, the more people will follow.

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