Rocker Micky James Returns to the Stage with ‘Live From the Met’

The best way to experience Micky James’ stadium-worthy rock songs is to hear them live, next to blasting amps and as close to the stage as possible. Unfortunately we can’t do that right now, but we can simulate it with “Live From the Met,” a concert special Micky created with BandsInTown at the famous Met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

The special features eight songs, including fan favorites like “Crybaby” and “Rest of the Best,” which Micky says was his “bittersweet” favorite to perform that day. He and his band jam out in the empty venue with the same energy they put into their live shows, proving their spectacular showmanship and passion for performing. An acoustic encore features just Micky, playing the previously unheard track “Scars” on guitar as a montage of old backstage footage plays. 

“I knew this was a venue I wanted to check off my venue bucket list one day as a performer,” Micky told TREMG. “Fortunately, I was able to team up with an amazing team and crew of people over at The Met and Live Nation Philly to properly execute this idea of putting on a live show during a shutdown.”

Micky’s last real show was scheduled for New York City in March 2020, but due to COVID-19, it was postponed indefinitely. He’s booked to perform on the Rock Boat cruise in November 2021, alongside artists like American Authors and We The Kings. 

“What I miss most about playing shows is the connection with an audience,” Micky shared. As a performer, I rely quite heavily on the audience’s reaction and participation. There isn’t a better feeling having the audience sing your songs and create a real connection.”

You can watch “Live From the Met” below or on Micky James’ website!

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