Crissy Teigen Unintentionally Insults Katy Perry

Chrissy Teigen shares photo of really important virtual meeting from  hospital bed

While it has been almost two months since Joe Biden’s inauguration, it was not until recently that television personality and model Crissy Teigen had realized she had insulted American singer Katy Perry during the event. While Teigen and her husband John Legend,  both avid supporters of Biden, had performed during his inauguration, Perry had performed her 2010 single “Firework” during a fireworks display. When Perry bumped into Teigen after the event, things took a turn for the awkward.

Teigen explains her story on the “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”: I remember I was so scared because me and John Legend ran into Katy Perry after and I’m always saying dumb things. I always get so nervous and I say faux pas, and then I hadn’t seen Katy for so long. I said to her ‘Oh, I typically hate fireworks, but that was, like, amazing. That was beautiful’. And then I think she heard that I said ‘I hate firework’ like the song”.

After believing months after the inauguration that she had insulted Perry’s “Firework” song, Teigen shares her reaction: “I wanted to die. I felt so bad. ‘No, no, no. Not Firework. Ugh, I always do that”. She had even wanted to punish herself by having both Perry and President Biden unfollow her on Twitter. Even so, Katy herself has not yet responded to both the miscommunication or Teigen’s apology. We certainly side with Teigen and would react the same way if we ever met Katy Perry. No hard feelings, Teigen.  

9 responses to “Crissy Teigen Unintentionally Insults Katy Perry”

  1. I Think Chrissy Teigen Is on the same level as Lea Michele, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Gina Carano,

  2. I Think Chrissy Teigen Career Is Over

    1. She was recently accused of cyberbullying, so perhaps you are correct

  3. “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.”

    ― Maya Angelou

    1. I Think Chrissy Teigen was a Twitter Troll

      1. After the insults towards Courtney Stodden, I see your point, but she was mainly a troll towards her. Her modeling career is quite strong, however

    2. Amen

  4. I Think Chrissy Teigen Is is a Beguiling Woman with a Ugly Heart

  5. Think Chrissy Teigen Is The Queen of Meanis

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