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I stand at the top of the trees

From here I see everything

I feel everything

The touch of the rough bark scratching my skin

The softness of the leaves brushing my cheek

The air caressing my face

The coolness of it relaxes the spirit

Above me

Birds whistle

They sing

High notes

Low notes

I feel the sun

Finding its way

Through the leaves

Warming me

In the distance

A brook


In my mind’s eye

I can see the fish


Touching the surface

 Enjoying the feast of bugs

I see the water

Ripple, froth, and bubble

A squirrel brings me back to the tree

He runs across my fingers

His fur looks soft

But feels coarse to the touch

I reach out to touch him again

But only the tips of my finger reach him as he scurries away

In the tree I am free

I can soar like the bird

I open my arms wide

I catch the breeze and

Let the wind carry me to my next destination

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