Missing You, Missing Us

Can we pretend for a second? Can we pretend the universe is mistaken?  Can you look into my eyes and unmask the reasons for loving me?

I miss your delicate whispers and compliments in my ears, the licks on my earlobes, the sighs of your love. I miss your subtle kisses through the screen, as if my peripheral is blinded by the words of my work, by the emotions of the show. I miss the way you look at me; the slight tilt of your head, the unconscious biting of the lip, the piercing eyes of need and desire. I miss touching every sculpted outline of your flesh, kissing the molded design of your soul. We used to discuss and reflect on our feelings, the romantic emotions our beings consumed, and I miss when you express those sentiments, when you’ve indented my soul and caressed my entity with your perfected connotations. I miss the waves of your tongue, the warm blanket of your arms, the muted announcements of my beauty. I miss your cravings for my voice, my presence, my love, the hunger for my peace and patience, the curves and folds of my body.

Your addiction was alluring, your passion was aesthetically intense, and I fell in love with you when I accepted your heart within mine, when its cords wrapped around my aorta and filtered out the crusted, brown blood with yours, exposing the healthy one within.

And while I sink into sleep with your sweatshirt around my body, engulfing your smell among the sheets, there is a need to press my hand against your naked chest, to feel your heart pulse along mine.

I see the need for space, to focus on ourselves and what the universe commends, to be selfish in areas God is working to bless.

But I love you, mentally, emotionally, romantically, and can’t deny this fact. We don’t say it enough. I miss it…I miss you.

I miss us.

So let’s pretend, for a second or two, for a moment or two…let’s pretend and just be.

Come undone with me.

Bathe me in romance.

Love me indefinitely. 

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