Behizy: Patriotism on the Road Less Traveled (UPDATED)


Exposing the truth is often a much more convoluted path than most people expect.  It isn’t always the dramatic event that occurs quickly and swiftly like people want.  Because that doesn’t work.  It tends to cause more problems than it solves, by dividing people.  That means that the people exposing the truth have a huge responsibility.  One of them that’s really shining right now is 18-year-old Colorado native George, otherwise known by his YouTube name Behizy.  

Behizy has been tirelessly following the election audits developing across the country every step of the way.  He has been more involved in reporting what is going on with the Arizona audit right now than anyone in the mainstream media and beyond.  But Behizy has something other political talking heads don’t.  Pundits such as Alex Jones do an excellent job bringing the truth to light, but sound panicked and unhinged to a lot of people, which turns people off and prevents them from hearing the truth. Behizy takes a different approach; he knows that it isn’t just about delivering the truth, it’s about delivering it in the right way. 

Behizy credits the “conviction” he had about election fraud that led him to start his videos around the 2020 election.  That reminds me of a few memorable words spoken by President Trump during a 2017 commencement speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, “Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right. And they know what is right, but they don’t have the courage or the guts or the stamina to take it and to do it. It’s called the road less traveled.”  But it would be a shame for someone that is brave enough to do so to end up minimizing their impact because they didn’t have the right appeal.  Behizy, however, appears to have all the right stuff. 

And it seems Behizy has the same determination to never give up as Trump.  “President Trump is very calculated.  He can spend his time talking about anything, telling people anything,” he notes.   “But he spends his time telling us ‘Yes, the election was stolen, I know the election was stolen,’ and that’s because he wants people to keep reminding themselves of that, so that when God does what he needs to do, we are prepared and comfortable with God’s will.”

Not only does Behizy have the appeal of his youth, but he also has a calm and unwavering presence.  And having been on YouTube since 2014, he has years of solid experience as a vlogger.  “I’ve been trying to learn to do videos, I have an older channel…I mean, on this channel there is literally a video about Donald Trump when he became president.  And in that video, you can tell my level of ignorance, and see that I was just a closet Trump supporter, so I think this thing has been going on for years, and obviously people don’t know the history, but I guess I’ve been making videos since I was, I don’t know, 13.” 

“I made videos around the election before November 3.  Those videos were, pretty much, why Trump is better than Biden, and why people should vote for Trump.”   Prior to the election, Behizy was, like many other Patriots, confident of President Trump’s imminent win.  “It kind of felt like a nice little feeling because I knew Trump would win.  There’s no way a guy in his basement would triumph.”

“So, when that happened, and the election, and you know, fraud that created the disaster…I just kind of went offline for like a month, and then I started watching more of the Giuliani hearings, I would watch Steven Crowder, see the whole thing he did with Michigan, tracking and all the trucks coming in, it was all crazy and I just thought…huh, man, God said Trump would win!  How is this happening, that we’re in this situation,” Behizy responded when asked about how he reacted to the media coverage of the election, “And I just really kept praying and asking God, I know He designated Trump for something, and I know he did a lot in his first term.   And I’m sure in his second term, the one coming up, he’ll do more.  So why didn’t he win yet?  And then the more I looked at the situation, the more I realized that God was calling a bunch of people to stand up for the truth, which is that Donald Trump won the election.”

“So, I just started with Arizona, and I started looking into the situation…Mike Lindell came out with the documentary, Absolute Proof, and I think that was the first moment I watched something and thought ‘Wow, this really happened.’  And then after that I made a video about how YouTube deleted [Lindell’s video].”  Behizy’s inability to shake what happened in the election appealed to the many other Patriots that secretly held the same feelings. 

“Lots of people watched it immediately, and I said I need to make more videos like this, and keep people on point, because what a lot of conservatives are trying to do now, they’re trying to move on, and I don’t know how I can bring myself to move on from something that I know is true, which is that Donald Trump won the election.  So, I suppose that’s how I really started pressing in on the truth more.” 

And it isn’t just his painstaking research that has led him to this calling; it’s also his unshakable faith in Jesus Christ and his comprehensive understanding of the Word of God.  When you combine the two, it seems that something magical happens.  In Behizy’s live chats there is a certain energy in the air, something akin to a pep rally that leaves every Patriot feeling motivated and encouraged.  When asked what led his spirit to become such a “warrior for the truth” (as Trump would put it), this was Behizy’s response: “…I believe that’s what I’m standing up for more than anything, not just because I know Donald Trump won, but because I knew God is doing something great.   And I wanted to be part of it.”

Often, you will see followers in the chat on Behizy’s livestreams ask who his mother is, since he is so mature, intelligent and virtuous at only 18.  Behizy says he was raised with Christian values and beliefs, “Well, I would have been born reading the Bible from the womb,” but he also had a period where he did his own examination of the proof of God in this world.  “…I did my whole thing with ‘Is God real’ and I love weighing the evidence, I’m very analytical.  And the more evidence I looked at, I said ‘You can have creation, but somehow you can’t have a Creator?’ We just can’t be here for no reason.  We’re not, I’m not, a bird.  Birds have a pattern.  But humans are uniquely different, we don’t all have the same things we’re doing, we’re unique, so God has to exist.”

Behizy has analyzed many of the prophecies that have been made about Trump and his presidency in his videos and parallels his understanding of Biblical history to what Trump is doing now.  “Cyrus in the Bible is someone God used to achieve his goal, which was to send the Israelites back and the first king in the Bible to understand human liberties…So God used him, and I believe in the same way God is using Trump.”

In his YouTube videos, Behizy has also addressed the issue of racism that has been magnified more and more since the new administration took office in January.  “I think the tool of division is to call everyone a racist.  I think that’s so clear to me now.  You’re a racist, and you’re a racist, and that’s what they want to do.  So, it’s as simple as that.” In one video in particular, he points out what he feels is a lack of recognition for more conservative right-wing African American leaders such as Clarence Thomas, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.  When asked what he thought about the accusations of Donald Trump being racist, he replied, “He’s not a racist.  And the whole goal is to divide people.  Only the devil would want to divide people.”  So then, what is his advice to other African American voters?  “Stop voting for Democrats!” he says with a laugh.

Behizy doesn’t incite fear like other pundits; instead he encourages action.  He gives details on the current events going on in the election audits, identifies what actions need to be pushed, and encourages people to send letters, make phone calls, and take other forms of initiative through grassroots organizations such as  He has been building an impressive network of political candidates, including Arizona congressional candidate Liz Harris and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor.  He has also connected with a handful of fellow YouTube personalities that are also following the election, including Nick Moseder, Doug TenNapel, and CanCon.  They appear on his channel occassionally and vice versa, which expands all their fan bases.

But perhaps Behizy’s most considerable accomplishment is the encouragement he has given to so many once-hopeless Patriots.  No matter what is going on, his fans know they can go to his channel for some spiritual guidance, humor that is beyond compare, and to be reminded that the power truly does lie in the American people, not the government. Particularly at the end of his livestreams, the mood tends to get light-hearted, playful, and even side-splitting.  It really brings to light the whole idea that no matter what kind of crisis is going on, there is always a silver lining in the way it brings people together.

So, will Behizy’s powerful movement of Patriotic Americans continue to grow?  According to Behizy, letting go of the election fraud and moving on is exactly what the enemy wants, and he has no intentions of backing down.  “What the corrupt people, the cabal as we call them, want is to get people to forget this…we have to understand that if we give up, stop talking about it, stop telling others about it, we just fall into that trap.”  Behizy and his over 118,000 subscribers seem to be pushing forward in full force. 

“Someone showed me a picture of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] buses in Arizona.  So I think it’s just, this thing is getting national, they want to disrupt it, they want to stop it, but every lie will be revealed,” Behizy responded when asked about his current outlook on the audits.  “They can’t stop the truth from coming out, because the truth has a way of just coming out.”

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  1. Great , true article- praying the evil ones don’t read it- we the people are too open honest transparent & it is used against us- praying they do t now see how effective Behizy is & begin the targeting. They live to divide & conquer . God help us& God bless & protect Behizy & all truth loving Americans. Xiden s in Kahoots now w private business to eradicate our voice & us. Nazi style. 😔😡❤️🤍💙

  2. Great article!! I just remembered that Dennis gave me the book, “The Road Less Traveled” when I met him and had me read it. Did you know that or is it just a coincidence that I just thought of that now? Anyway, you are a gifted writer! Continue to use your talent for good!

  3. What a beautiful article

  4. This is well done, love behizy and I watch him on youtube.

  5. Sharon Culhane Avatar
    Sharon Culhane

    Great article

  6. Awesome article! Describes you perfectly George!

  7. Cathy Gibson Avatar
    Cathy Gibson

    Behizy is Such a blessing to those of us who were so discouraged. I watch him and all of the other Patriots on YouTube. He is so young too but very eloquent . Praying for God’s mercy on America!

  8. I followed him on a few different platforms, he does great work. 🐸👌

  9. Great article, GREAT subject!

  10. Carol Roberts Avatar
    Carol Roberts

    Just discovered Behizy following the AZ audit. He is wise way beyond his years. And quite funny too. Keep up the good work <3

  11. Darla Byerly Avatar
    Darla Byerly

    Behizy 🐝 is my favorite truth-teller on YouTube! Every lie will be revealed! He’s informative and encouraging! It’s hard to believe he’s so young! Thanks for this great article! Stay frosty George 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Wendal Miller Avatar
    Wendal Miller

    Behizy will one day be bigger than Rush Limbaugh ever dreamed

  13. Behizy
    While agree we need to see what the audits on the voting machines & check the ballots for irregularities. I believe the real concern and needs should be about eliminating the new illegal voting laws created just before the 2020 election that were not passed according to State’s Legislative Branch.. We can’t allow these States like Pennsylvania and other to keep these unconstitutional illegal new State voting laws on the books for the next 2022 election and beyond, To do so, is a violation of the Constitution that only allows the State Legislatures branch of the Government to create & change voting laws. And would make the Democratic Party keep control of the vote.
    please respond on a utube video of this thought

  14. Behizy, two things I want to mention.
    ONe about paper in Asia. eucalyptus is widely grown and used for paper making etc. Rice, Bamboo, too.
    Two: Has anyone bothered to make list of every state, naming the machines used in elections, and make a broad view of who runs them, who is responsible for them etc..including the so called politicians in charge of each. In other words, expose who is really running things and with what equipment. Like a flow chart or something to give a comprehensive view because zoomed in views make it hard to understand the bigger picture. Can you pass this along to someone who can do it.??

  15. Ellen M. Pendergast Avatar
    Ellen M. Pendergast

    This is really nice. Like the photos. Really enjoy Behizy’s show. He’s always upbeat. He can do comedy and also recall facts. My oldest son is also a senior in high school. Think they’d like each other. When I get down on all the untruths being told Behizy brightens my mood. He gives me hope in the future generations of our country. A good sweet soul.
    Bless you Behizy. Ellen M Pendergast SF CA👏👏👏👏

  16. Great article! I absolutely love how you write. Do you do any freelance writing? Also how would I get a hold of Behizy?

    1. Hey there Joe our writers can only see the messages they cannot respond. We also don’t release any personal intel on our feeds. Please email for further info.

  17. Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to share this video with you which was done last year during the pandemic. i see that there is still fear around and people are talking about the third wave and instilling more fear. Please share this encouraging message with someone needing hope:

  18. Where can we find Behizy

    1. Hey there, he got removed from Youtube’s platform so we aren’t sure.

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