Gordon Ramsay Ruins Wedding; Here’s How

Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been known for his disciplinary culinary tactics, but has his discipline gone too far? At Lusty Glaze Beach Resort in Cornwall, England, groom Charlie Willis and his wife Lauren (last name anonymous) for preparing for their wedding. At that same location, Ramsay was filming his new television show Future Food Stars which had interfered with the wedding ceremony.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Willis had stated that “Ramsay and the other contestants of their show had taken over the kitchen that day and that they were unsatisfied with the food served to their wedding guests”. While complaints like these are expected in Ramsay’s kitchen, many agree that Gordon’s behavior was “uncalled for” as he had nothing to do with the wedding.

Ramsay himself acknowledged the complaints and posted on Twitter a method of redeeming himself: “Must’ve missed the part where my crew and I ruined the wedding…..Congrats on a beautiful marriage….if you fancy a night at @savoygrill it’s on me…I’ll try to not ruin it,” he tweeted. In addition, Ramsay offered to pay for Willis’s wedding in full. The Lusty Glaze Resort confirmed, however, that the residence does not include the entire beach so Ramsay could film his series there.

Future Food Stars is similar to Shark Tank in that Ramsay is seeking an investment in people’s culinary business. However, the stakes are much higher than Shark Tank and 12 British chefs will compete will win Ramsay’s respect. Ever since this incident, however, no further information has been reported about the show’s release date.

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    • Perhaps, but his restaurant and food have received high praise, so we respect him for that. Thank you for reading this article, though!

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