Ariana Grande has quickly proven herself to be a pop titan, racking up over 21.6 billion Spotify streams and becoming one of Vevo’s Top 10 most-watched artists worldwide in 2020. Her latest album, October 2020’s Positions, has taken the world by storm with singles like “34+35” and “pov,” and it’s only natural that she’s now celebrating its success with a series of live performances created with Vevo.

“We are so excited to release these exclusive video performances to Ariana’s fans,” JP Evangelista, Vevo’s SVP of Content, Programming, & Marketing, shares. “We’ve loved Ariana’s music for years, and it’s been such a privilege to watch her artistry grow and evolve. An immensely creative and collaborative artist is key to these visually stunning performances and Ariana embodies that; her efforts translated beautifully onscreen. We look forward to seeing her continue to blossom and hope everyone enjoys watching these.”

With a stage covered in flowers and overhead lights flashing in magenta and purple hues, these videos highlight what a dynamic performer Grande is while letting her show off her vocal prowess. Here’s every song she performed for this Vevo collab!


The project kicked off with a raw rendition of Grande’s latest single, “pov,” an ode to her now-husband Dalton Gomez and how he helps her through her journey to self-love. With backing tracks allowing Grande to harmonize with herself, this performance established the series as a unique spotlight taking the Positions album to the next level. 

“safety net” with Ty Dolla $ign

Grande recruited her “unearthly talented friend” Ty Dolla $ign for “safety net,” a slick track detailing the scary experience of falling for someone new after having your heart broken. Both artists go back and forth about their qualms and how they’re “falling with no safety net,” pursuing the relationship in spite of their fears.

“my hair”

On the soulful, R&B-influenced “my hair,” Grande wants to get closer with a lover and encourages him to play with her hair as they get to know each other more deeply. The song was already a fan-favorite because of its high whistle notes, and clips of those live notes from the final chorus have already gone viral on Twitter.


The playfully raunchy “34+35” broke the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to a remix with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion earlier this year, but Grande’s performance proves the track is just as fun solo. This new version has a saxophone and trumpet intro complementing the song’s strings, adding an air of elegance.

“off the table” with The Weeknd

Grande and The Weeknd already saw a hit earlier this year with Grande’s remix of “Save Your Tears,” and if this performance is any indication, “off the table” is bound to become their next collaborative smash. Grande expresses her fears of losing true love while The Weeknd plays her partner, offering comfort and promising he’s not going anywhere.


The series concluded with the album’s lead single and title track, “positions,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release and has earned over 696 million Spotify streams. Grande looped her vocals in the performance like she used to do with her YouTube covers, making it an unforgettable version of an already memorable track.

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Photo via Ariana Grande on Twitter.

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