Thanks to COVID-19, it looks like most of us will be staying home this summer instead of pursuing a fun trip. Luckily, you can still feel like you’re vacationing through the power of music! Grab your headphones, a refreshing drink, and let these five songs soundtrack an imaginary trip.

24kGoldn – “CITY OF ANGELS”

If you feel like driving down the PCH with your windows down, the quirky yet slick “CITY OF ANGELS” has your back. 24kGoldn describes his experiences in Los Angeles before his hit “Mood” took off, including a weak relationship and (probably) fictional deals with the devil that made him rich. Catch up with 24kGoldn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website!

Harry Styles – “Ever Since New York”

Even as one of England’s darlings, Harry Styles will make you feel like you’re wandering around Greenwich Village with “Ever Since New York.” The mellow guitar feels like one of New York’s classic fall days while the lyrics describe the city of opportunity with nods to Brooklyn. Connect with Harry Styles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website!

Taylor Swift – “London Boy”

Take a tour around British hotspots with Taylor Swift’s “London Boy,” an ode to her adventures in England since she started dating London actor Joe Alwyn. Shouting out areas like Brixton, Highgate, and Hackney, you’ll feel like you’re right in the rainy city’s epicenter with friends. Get social with Taylor on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and her official website!

Trapper Schoepp – “Paris Syndrome”

“Paris Syndrome” is a gentle folk-rock track spinning on the shock some French tourists experience when the city doesn’t match up with their grand expectations. Trapper Schoepp flips the meaning to describe a crumbling relationship with a wistful dose of escapism, a major theme of his recent album May Day. The lyric video even premiered with Rolling Stone France earlier this month! You can get to know Schoepp on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website

TWICE – “Alcohol-Free”

This tropical k-pop track is perfect for any time you’re craving a beach day! “Alcohol-Free” is a sunny, Latin-inspired ode to the feeling of being “love-drunk,” serving as the main single from TWICE’s Taste of Love mini album. Learn more about TWICE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

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