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He knew he must keep very still while he waited. The screams have long since stopped after the killing blow was delivered on the floor below him. He didn’t know how his mother met her demise, but he could still remember her pleading eyes as the figure planted their knees on top of her to keep her still.


“Evan, please! Run and don’t look back. Your dad will be home soon with the police. All will be explained, but until then—”

Her words were cut short as the figure plunged their hands deep into her chest, shattering her ribcage with such force that every bone could be heard breaking. He watched as a pool of liquid crimson spilled from the opening in her chest. Bile threatened to lurch out of his throat, but he was able to hold it back and follow his mother’s command. He scurried to his feet in one swift motion, and without looking back, he fled up the stairs to the second story of his house. Multiple hallways stretched in every direction leading to an endless number of rooms. Without knowing the history of this house, a random person could get lost in its labyrinth. However, for him, navigating these halls was his specialty. He wasn’t called the ‘King of Hide and Seek’ for nothing.

It was as if his feet had their own subconscious as he was led in different directions. He was so concentrated and trying to remember the path he took that he didn’t realize he was already stopped in front of a door. The door looked like all the rest, white painted wood with a dull bronze handle and locking mechanism. Without any hesitation, he opened the door and went inside the connected room. Upon examining the room, he noticed that the room only contained a sheetless bed, an old rocking chair, and an empty closet. Having the room left bare wasn’t ideal, considering he didn’t have many options for a hiding place, but he took what he could get and hid in the closet.


He tried to focus all his attention on his hearing. The house was quiet. No sound seemed to be heard, not even the usual creaking of the house settling. It was as if the air itself became still, preventing any noise from being heard. He didn’t dare think he was safe. After what he witnessed, he knew that thing would be coming for him. The aura it emanated screamed predator, and he was its prey.

A sound eventually broke through the stagnant barrier, and it gave him a sliver of hope.


He estimated they were about two miles away, around a five-minute drive to his house. They were so close. He only had to wait until they arrived for all of this to be over. However, before he could become comfortable, the creaking of the floorboards in front of the closet doors drowned out the sirens.

It was here. They were too late.

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