Aside from his music and unforgettable live shows, Machine Gun Kelly is also known for his bold red carpet and music video looks. In recent years, he’s become the buzz of social media for one standout accessory: his nail art. Now he’s exploring the world of nails in a new way, with his own UN/DN LAQR (pronounced Undone Lacquer) brand!

He explained in an interview with Allure

I was doing [bold nail art] to make ‘his nails’ a constant headline knowing that we had UN/DN coming out, knowing that we had a product that revolved around what the headlines kept pointing out about me. This is something that you associate with me subconsciously because whether you hate it or love it, for about a year and a half or two years, it’s been ‘MGK’s nails.’

Machine Gun Kelly

So not only is he a clever businessman, but also a fearless style/nail art icon. Here are 5 of our favorite nail styles he’s tried out, which you can recreate at home with his new UN/DN line. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even try one design on each of your nails.

Jack Skellington

Halloween may be over but The Nightmare Before Christmas is also technically a Christmas movie, right? You can recreate this spookily festive manicure for the holiday season with UN/DN’s white Blank Canvas and black Depressionist (inspired by a lyric from his 2019 song “title track”) shades. You can also check out UN/DN’s Mixed Tape kit, which includes a variety of shades and two brushes to keep the finer details of your nail art clear.

iHeartRadio Music Awards

MGK stole the show at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this year with his long statement nails. Starting with a base of Depressionist, Party Favor, and Writer’s Block, you can adorn your nails with some thin chains, glitter, and studs. You could even play with the glitter top coats UN/DN includes in their Lucid Dream set!  

“DAYWALKER!” Music Video

We’re still not over the high-octane “DAYWALKER!” or the fun nails Kells had in the music video. You can recreate the look with a base of black Depressionist and light blue Bad Tendencies, with eye details in white Blank Canvas and orange 25 To Life to substitute for red.

Billboard Music Awards

You can never go wrong with a black and white nail, and MGK’s look from the Billboard Music Awards is proof. You can play with nail tape and different proportions to make a unique layout, then fill them in with Depressionist and Blank Canvas. To make them more flashy, you can try out brighter colors like green Mary Jane (a great option for the holidays) and purple Vertigo.

“concert for aliens” Release Week

Grab your Depressionist and Mary Jane, because this design inspired by Kells’ track “concert for aliens” is so simple to recreate! If you’re feeling creative, you could swap out the green for shades like pink Slippery When Wet and tan Sandstorm to customize your unique alien family.

What are your favorite shades from UN/DN’s first drop? You can shop all the colors featured on UN/DN’s website here.


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