The Best Spot

It’s rare for me to get downtime like this, but it’s so refreshing when I do. It’s so nice to feel the light drizzle of rain trickle down my arms. The cold drops comfort me and help me think. My vest doesn’t get soaked either, it gets coated in this perfect layer of moisture.

I’ve become so fond of living near water, I don’t know how I’d live any other way. I know some people dread the thought of what lies beneath but thinking about what’s underneath the waters of the basin puts me on edge. It’s as deep as an ocean, and there could be an entirely new species living under there. I’d dive underwater to find them right now, but I’m not that strong of a swimmer. I’d drown before I’d get anywhere interesting, and even if I do get deep, I’ll get crushed by the water pressure. Curse this mortal body of mine.

“Bobbi is that you?” A voice accompanied by shuffling from the bushes behind me. Before I even get a chance to be concerned, a familiar face emerges from the leaves.

“Ezaire? What are you doing here?”

“I came here to find a good spot on the basin to gaze at.”

“Wow, really I’m out here doing the same thing. This spot is really good, I got a perfect view of all the water and I can see the rest of the rainforest on the other side. It keeps me filled with childlike curiosity.”

“I mean, yeah I can definitely see that,” Ezaire shrugs. “But there’s one problem with this spot.”

“And what would that be?”

“You’re here.”

“I’m here…? And that’s a bad thing?”

“Well yes and no. The problem isn’t you yourself, but I came out here to find a good viewing spot where no one else would think of going. Since you’re here, this place clearly isn’t going to work.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I’m sorry that inadvertently made things more difficult for you, but why do you want no one to be able to find it?”

“I just want a spot to have to myself. Sometimes I need to clear my head alone sometimes.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. Have you been feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I’ve been okay,” Ezaire responds with another shrug. It’s hard to get a read on what Ezaire is thinking sometimes. He doesn’t offer much information about what’s going on with him unless he needs to, even to the people he cares about. I can’t force him to talk either, that wouldn’t be right of me.

“Well I’m glad to hear it, but getting back to your viewing spot, why don’t we just share this spot? We’re pretty far into the basin as is. I doubt anyone else would just casually show up here.”

“You were here.”

“Yeah, but we’re friends so it doesn’t count. If you come here in the future and I’m here, and you really want time alone, you can just ask me to leave. I get needing alone time, even away from your friends.”

“That is reasonable, but I don’t think that would work out with you, Bobbi.”

“Wouldn’t work out? Why not?”

“Well, Bobbi. You have a strange tendency to ask me a bunch of questions. I know that you mean well, but sometimes you can be a bit overbearing.”

“R—Really? I never realized. I guess it’s because I have trouble getting a read on you, so I go a bit overboard. I—I’m sorry, I’ll leave you be,” I stutter, making my way down the basin.

What does he mean because “You’re here”? Yeah, I get wanting to be alone, but do I really ask him that many questions? I only ask the questions that any caring friend would ask. Ugh, I never know how to approach Ezaire, he throws my social skills into the dump. The most I can do is hope that he doesn’t see me in a bad light. Best way to do that is—

“Bobbi, you don’t have to go. You found this spot first.”

“Huh?” I turn around to catch Ezaire walking up to me.

“I can find a spot for myself later, but I can use this spot for now. It’s actually not that bad. The water is pitch black, but it’s clean enough to drink from. It’s only this dark from how deep this basin really is. It might as well be an ocean.”      

“I was thinking the same thing too!”

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