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starting with the science fiction epic, known as Dune, based on the Frank Herbert novel of the same name here we get a picture with sprawling visuals, stellar writing, wonderful performances from the cast, excellent cinematography, with a complex story to boot and impressive direction from Villeneuve.

there’s a lot to enjoy in this movie . Starting with the approach to the story. It starts out slow (in a good way) and does so with no wasted motion focusing in on it’s world building and it’s characters, never did I feel like the picture dragged. it felt like I was watching Star Wars meets Game Of Thrones (the early seasons) for that manner. 

I was lucky enough to experience this movie in the wonderful Cine 1 in my local theater with an absolute packed house. The film does what any good film does and fires on all cylinders by gripping you with engagement and rewarding your patience at the end.

 Entering the world being a fly on the wall for every operation from the moment we meet this royal family to the screens end made me feel like I was traveling into this new terrain with them. The way the film builds to it’s crescendo absolutely sticks the landing in a way I didn’t expect. The long takes of brevity between feel like a heartbeat and breathe that pulsates of the screen almost feeling the spice through the air in the theater. The best thing about my experience was my audience it was so awesome to see how many people in other seats just like me were completely engaged throughout and for me as a story teller helps me grow in seeing what’s out there.

 I’m sure with repeat viewings I ll be able to get even more out of this film. It is ashamed that the film was also simultaneously released on HBO Max due to the day and date schedule but it didn’t take away from the box office which is what matters most. From the looks of the what’s to come down the Pike , with it being considered for potential awards consideration for this year’s Oscars the film still has much going for it. Warner Bros. has greenlit a sequel (to my enthusiasm) and it seems we are still likely to get that spinoff following the in universe Bene Jessirits as well which should fill our appetites as we wait the sequel. 

Overall I really did enjoy the movie and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this story has to offer and I hope you go out and see it (if it’s still playing in theaters) or catch it at home on HBO Max.

courtest of WB

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