Grape Gardens

High up in the haven that is the clouds, the craze for solace has been achieved. A sunset so soft that the light bathes the skin in a soft golden hue. Looking at it somehow manages to soothe the eyes from its normal concerns in life, fleeting and carefree just like those who manage who climb their way to these heights. A garden free to grow to its heart’s content. Not a soul in sight wishes to see any harm come upon the vines that pierce through the clouds. Day in and day out, they etch themselves into the grounds of the heavens, ever-so care free of how tall they grow.

Bearing enough fruit to feed any creature for a lifetime, this space in the clouds is desired by many, but only the purest creatures can earn their keep to earn the fruit. Watching others gain what they constantly fail to attain does not sit well with them. What’s left of their heart turns black, plagued by the thoughts of jealousy and rage, turning every interaction with another organism toxic. Once, deemed worthy to prance in the clouds with their fellow brethren, now taking it upon themselves to spread the hate, anger, and frustration that is resonating with the inside of them. They refuse to leave the clouds, only making it a dangerous place for those who are lucky enough to consume the fruit. Even the creatures that simply wish to live in peace are forced into a corner, fighting to defend themselves, keeping any malicious intent that comes across them at bay.

The haven has now become a place riddled with starving beasts, taking any advantage they can to overpower one another. Whether it be a power-hungry fool, or nothing more than an act of self-defense, these lands have been ravaged by the emotions that themselves were growing. It was only a matter of time before these lands went array with envy. But despite its corruption, the sunset still glimmers its faint light of hope, waning its forever delicate dim unto this cursed realm. The vines still grow high, no matter the level of bloodshed or turmoil, the vines will not let grow of their pride to reaching the highest point in heaven. An ignorant move it may be, but as long as the sunset shines, the stalk sees no reason to give up what it has created, even if it no longer has any control over it.

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Hi! I post on this website for a chance to share my stories with the world. I’ve been writing for the past 6 years, learning more about creative writing to better my writing skills. My hope is to make a lot of friends here and grow as a writer. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like.
Instagram: alexander45678901
Discord: PancakeMan#9345

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