Traverse Town

No one’s around the sun is gone but lights still plague the streets in a kind effort to offer sight. Who’s even out here at this hour? These lights see it wise to bless the streets just from the possibility that a passerby may need them at this hour. Within a still silence and effortless gleam, they reach themselves out without a second thought of their own well-being. I guess they are just street lights. Even so, the streets are no longer reigned over from the natural darkness of the night. It’s all lit, contrasting with the black ceiling painting that is the sky. Just street lights with enough energy to make it feel as if it were day.

No one’s around but with every step that is taken, there’s a sense that there should be a bustle of people at the liveliest time of day, despite it being night. Footstep after footstep, still nothing, going against the aura the lights convey. The streets belong to one. Who? I don’t know, there’s nobody out here. Step after step, corner after corner, building after building, the anticipation of hustle and bustle approaches, but all there is to see is the stars, dotted around the black painting, staring right back.

When no one’s around…There is only a sense of mysterious peace that hails from the lights. The empty void that is the streets don’t utter the words of a hidden threat; they speak the words of wonder. Not a soul in sight, not a word spoken by anyone, other than the mind forcing itself to occupy the silence. Where is everyone? Are the streets haunted by the desolate tone of the night or are they given beauty to a lost soul who dares tread alone? In the end, it doesn’t matter, even with the lack of life at such an hour, the streets compel one foot to step in front of the other. Resistance is futile…But there’s nothing to even resist. It’s a peaceful night out.

Just keep walking, you’re bound to end up somewhere. The shield of the night will keep you from straying too far and the lights on the street will do nothing else but guide you. Everywhere you go is where you want to be. The only trick here is to let the town take you there. Maybe you’ll even find where everyone has gone off too. Maybe…

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Hi! I post on this website for a chance to share my stories with the world. I’ve been writing for the past 6 years, learning more about creative writing to better my writing skills. My hope is to make a lot of friends here and grow as a writer. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like.
Instagram: alexander45678901
Discord: PancakeMan#9345

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