Time to read: less than 30 sec

(A Rare Recording of Two Aliens Resting on Neptune)

Alien 1: I want to become an influencer

Alien 2: Drink your coffee

Alien 1: Brooo I want to become an influencer!!

Alien 2: Drink your coffee-tea-coffee-tea

Alien 1: HEYY I am a SERIOUS Alien!

Alien 2: Fine. How many followers do you have?

Alien 1: Veeery Good question. That’s SO old-fashioned!!! You talk like earth creatures!

Alien 2:  Yea .. those have loooots of followers

Alien 1: Um, what should I do then to be like them??

Alien 2: You have to provide value to the conversation

Alien 1: Like “Kim Kardash“. does?

Alien 2: That’s it

Alien 1: (Tears)

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