The Road Is Full of Dangers

I guess they weren’t joking about this place. The soft and lush green grass and the simplistic look of the dirt road path is nothing more than a façade. It’s easy to see how so many have met a fatal end around these parts. It’s like a child’s daydream, yet there is still a reason to tread with caution. It’s sad really, that there can be a world where looks deceive. It destroys that sense of trust in the little things, it makes being interested or curious in something a risk. A fleeting moment of wonder…What a child is most likely to experience, and because of that one instance, they could never see the light of day again.

It’s best not to think about these things though. To be fair, the child should be under supervision by a parent or guardian… or someone. That way their kid doesn’t walk off somewhere and get eaten by a sunflower or whatever. Why am I thinking about this? I’m not some five-year-old who’s too naïve to know not to wander into the trees at night.

The dirt path glared at me with beckoning eyes. The longer I looked, the longer it got. It grew in size, morphed in shape. I didn’t know where it led or what move I should make. I stood perfectly still looking at the dirt, waiting for it to stop taunting me, I felt like I was going to be sick. My mind rushing through a torrent of emotions. In my gut I felt prepared, but my legs wouldn’t move because my mind failed to give the command. The feeling in my legs were gradually fading, almost as if my legs themselves were disappearing.

Am I… sinking? H-how could I be sinking? There has to be a more reasonable explanation. Maybe I’m just… getting shorter. Y-yeah, that makes sense. Because why would I be sinking? There would have to be something under me for me to be sinking. Or maybe…It’s not that I’m sinking but… something is dragging me down!?

Out of pure fear, I jump back, with my legs still feeling gravely numb. With numb legs, I fail to find my footing and crash to the ground on my back. I sit myself up to see that I… still haven’t moved anywhere. It was just a dirt road, with some bushes and trees on the side of them. I plant my feet firmly on the ground and the dirt is as solid as rock. I then start to pound my feet on the dirt, and still, solid. I was starting to make my feet ache from how hard I was smashing against it.

I stand up, feeling embarrassed, despite no one being around. I take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I take my first step forward and then the next steps just naturally come to me. All that I was focused on now was the road ahead.

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Hi! I post on this website for a chance to share my stories with the world. I’ve been writing for the past 6 years, learning more about creative writing to better my writing skills. My hope is to make a lot of friends here and grow as a writer. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like.
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