Sacred Wish

The upper and lower limbs of the bow glow with a beautiful silver finish. Ironically, the silver glow is contrasted with a light blue sheen that appears on its edges in direct sunlight. This phenomenon causes people to argue whether it’s made of silver or crystal, not that anyone has seen it in person to be able to decipher.

The limbs are unusually wide but are thin enough to act as blades. Rectangular near the center of the bow, but as they travel down, it becomes more jagged. If someone decided to use the limbs in battle, it would take an extremely steady hand. It wouldn’t be hard for the wielder to make a mistake and injure themselves.

What really fascinates people is what’s going on in the middle of the wide limbs. A beautiful arrangement of colors that moves steadily, resembling the ambiance of traveling through space. Purple, dark blue, and black, with white spots littered across the bow’s limbs, sheathing it in color.

Funny enough, the bow’s string is a basic purple, the thread not doing anything crazy with itself. The bow’s sight window is basic as well. An opening between the limbs, another purple string laying right in between them. The level of accuracy the wielder would need to fire it is ludicrous. Even the best archers admit that they’d have a hard time taking aim with such a weapon. But what they fail to understand is that it’s no ordinary weapon.

Dipping your fingers into the colors on its limbs, archers with an immense amount of focus can channel it onto their fingertips. When they do so, it’s like dipping your fingers in paint. The color emanates off their fingers, and they draw back the bow’s string. If their focus is true, the colors morph into a large needle, glowing with a humble warmth to them.

The archer will fire the makeshift arrow onto their target, Purple, blue and black launching out of the bow’s sights at an unbelievable pace. The arrow travels through the air like it exists in a world of its own, it doesn’t obey the physics that we’ve grown to know on earth.

Some even say that the best wielders can pick out only the stars from the bow’s limbs. When this happens, the arrow will only shine a glorious white. The second it passes through the bow’s sights, the light implodes on itself and scatters, morphing into small little needles that all home in on their target simultaneously.

From the sound of it, it looks like even the most inept with their aim can hit their target spot on. But where would someone get their hands on a weapon like this? The simplest answer, no clue.

All of this information is hearsay at best. Some say there’s only one out there, others say they’ve seen multiple wield it at the same time. At the end of the day, it’s just another assortment of tall tales, strong enough to form reality, that may or may not truly exist.

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