Demon’s Curse

Two purple arms stretch to lengths that are unbound by any form of logic. On top of stretching, they’re extremely nimble, allowing themselves to coil around each other, forming a disgusting ball that can easily be twice as large as a human.

Both arms are draped in dark black coarse scales, their color and density mimicking obsidian. The arms wish that they can roam free, but they’re tethered to a small purple stem pulsating with toxic energy. Though small, it keeps the arms at bay. The only way they’d get to the outside world is if someone were foolish enough to take the stem and wield the arms as a weapon. It’s easy to believe that this would never happen, but there are all types of people in this world.

At the end of the arms is a small pair of hands with only three fingers, but freakishly long claws. If someone was foolish enough to grab the stem, then the arms will respond by gouging into their eyes with its claws, an electric black popping out of the wound instead of blood. The claws will pierce the eyes instantly and drawback, coiling into a ball. That’s when there’s no going back, they can no longer let go.

The will of the arms has taken over the user, forcing them to its bidding. They’ll wander on foot and will attack any human on sight, swinging the arms around like a full-body hammer. The weight of the arms is incredible, as the victim attacks with the makeshift weapon, their muscles will fatigue quickly and their bones will break, just as much as the person who they’re attacking.

When the victim’s eyes were gouged, they were overtaken by the arms spirit of vengeance and hatred, turning them into a vessel of violence. All they can see is the bloodiest battles fought throughout history from a first-person view. Whenever they see someone, they attack as if they’re fighting for their life.

The arms will unravel and coil around other humans, crushing them with a python’s grip. When balled up, the victim will swing at full force, crushing bodies instantaneously.

The victim fights until they start coughing up blood, but instead of a bright red, it’s a bright black, the odd purple electricity dancing on top of it. Once their body gives out, the arms coil around the victim, encasing it in its obsidian grip.

This could be a way for the arms to honor the victim for their work or crush them for being too weak to destroy the entire world on their own. Either way, the arms don’t move from that spot, until another curious soul stumbles on the obsidian ball and the strange purple stem.

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