In a world where foolishness walks beside you once you step out, your red face lights your way.

Now walk. Walk. look at that :

smiles, laughter, tears, joy, and sadness.

One life, like one million hours in four words:

 smiles, laughter, tears, joy, and sadness. 5 words to be exact.

Am I dreaming?

You go to work, you come back home a thousand times or maybe less, you just go to come back, go and back.

Crazy industry but you’re crazier.

Then your friend asks you on a Saturday evening :

” Are you happy” ?

Here I smile , philosophy of life on Saturdays …

The HR manager notices me smiling and asks for my CV,

“Positivity makes you one of the best candidates, add on it attention to detail”.

 I ask him: ” How do you choose your feelings? Are you running away from time or trying to put every person in a box ? ”

“Why should we hire you?”

That hilarious question...

 Try to make sure the interviewer is sane. Everything is OK on Neptune?

Like asking the waiter for a coffee and then hitting him with this:

“ Why should I drink it? “

What if you’re invited to a party and someone at the door asks you: ” Why should I let you in “?

And you’re supposed to answer:

Because my profile fits your party…I have long experience in the field.

What’s wrong with you, idiot. Keep repeating:

 Dream of Life, Life is a dream, Why should I dream?

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MARINE is a talented artist. She’s a CARTOON Writer – ANIME artist- Journalist – Ph.D. student.
Reach out to marjab519@gmail.com to connect!


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  1. I can definitely relate to this feeling. I end up feeling so gaslighted by these companies that select you for an interview but don’t have that curtsey to tell you that you weren’t selected for the position.

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