A Letter to The Man I Love

My father gave me a heart,but you made it beat. Nothing can detach me from you.You are my life and my happiness, all my hopes. I only believe in life with you. What can you fear?

It’s not because of the love you had for me that I loved you. I loved you because you please me. After all, no one else can please me. I love you because when I imagine wisdom, strength, and beauty, it is your image that comes before me. 

Your name is the only one that makes me shudder, and your memory is the only one that does not fade like a shadow from my memory.

You felt it like me, it would now be impossible for me to live without being loved by you, and to stop seeing you would be to condemn me to a slow but inevitable death. Your sight and your affection are necessary for my existence today.

I think of you all the time. I think of you in the morning, walking in the cold. I purposely walk slowly so I can think about you longer. I think of you in the evening, when I miss you in the middle of parties when I get lost to think of something other than you.

I think of you when I see you and also when I don’t see you. I would so much like to do something other than think about you, but I can’t. If you know a trick to forgetting you, let me know.

I would have to stop living to stop loving you.



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