The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881) was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short-story writer whose psychological insight into the human spirit influenced the novel in the twentieth century.

Dostoevsky says in “Crime and Punishment”:

“…for all those who loved me and loved them[…], I was always the party that loved them the most, I mean that despite my weak ability to express, I offer honest things, I offer things that they may not know their value until after the end of our relationship.

They are wonderful in the beginning as everyone is all wonderful in the beginnings, Alones, Safety, kind responses and passion, as for me, I was always looking for what is after this step, only the beginnings are great in everything,

but time cools their feelings, time reveals that their approach to me was out of curiosity or just fits of need, so they stumbled on me to make up for the spaces they feel with it, it never happened and I found someone who changed for me, who tried and sacrificed to stay by my side.”

“I kept asking myself, how can these people build themselves and collect money without talents or abilities, while I labor and suffer for nothing in return, as if the Lord had sent down his curse on me and bound me with the bonds of pain and suffering..

I know that these words are denial and disobedience. Forgive me, my brother. But this question is inevitable for a naughty person like me.”

Dostoevsky to his brother Mikhail « Letters 2 »

“It is impossible for a person to know a person correctly
even after having been with him for many years.”


“I didn’t ask for a hand to wipe the tears of panic, I didn’t wake someone up to hug me to calm down, why should I be grateful? I’ve lived the worst moments alone…”

The poor

“Feelings that have changed due to awareness do not return.. the aware is not like the angry, the aware does not return, never comes back…”

Crime and Punishment

“They stole almost everything from me, and I gave them the rest of my own.”

Dostoevsky – The clown

“And you can be described as innocent, altruistic, kind, high morals, honest, clear , and loving everyone around you, as you do not have a grudge against anyone, you are an “idiot” for sure!

The reason for this is not that these traits are negative, but rather because you live in amid a decadent and corrupt society full of moral filth, a society

that sees innocence as naivety, kindness as weakness, morality as an old fashion, and honesty as evidence of an inability to evade… Thus, whoever lives with a healthy heart is the idiot, and the cunning in the wolf’s society is clever!”

To summarize:

Always be kind, and make sure no one knows you’re good.

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