The Hidden World Revealed

Growing up, we read about dinosaurs and wars in school and watched television and movies about the great unknown. Now, as our Planet Earth constantly changes to reshape itself due to weathering and Climate change, we unearth the hidden worlds now revealed.

In China crystal – filled dinosaurs eggs were found in Qianshan Basin, Anhui Province that are a size of cannonballs and filled with calcite crystals. They seem to be a new species because of their rather large size and spherical shape according to the journal of Paleogeography. Because of their lay bearing eggs of today’s species, dinosaurs are believed to be birthed though eggs but their species can not be found to seek out what kind of species that they might belong to because those eggs have no preserved embryos to match them with a specific species group. So the researchers have to match their size, shape and structure to understand what species that they are born into. The dinosaur eggs are not the only fossils that were uncovered but their footprints too!

While one of those eggs were damaged due to the weather, these crystal filled dinosaurs could be hatched into Herbivores – dinosaurs that eat plants only and walked on two legs and grew to 6 and 30 feet from head to tail. The discovered eggs maybe one of the many that were just killed by the asteroid we now know is called Chicxulub, we all historically know killed the dinosaurs 66 million years near the end- Cretaceous time period leading the death which impacted the plant growth of the because it affected the amount of light the planet Earth was receiving from the Sun and with no plants to eat the herbivores died and the meat eating dinosaurs, carnivores to dead soon after. {Outdoors LOOK: Crystal- filled dinosaurs eggs discovered by paleontologists by Chris Haney September 17, 2022}

viergacht/24images egg-ge 440085c6_640.jpg

The Bronze Age of City of Zakhiku a big part of the Mittani Empire that was in power from 1550 to 1350 bc was found by Kurdish and German archaeologists in the Mosul reservoir along the Tigris river in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq in January and February. After the Iraq government built the Mosul dam in the 1980 the Bronze Age City has gotten submerged until a untimely drought had happened. After the Bronze Age City of Zakhiku remerged the researchers are eagerly trying to unearth all they can since it has remerged in 2018 but many of its structures are shattered due to past earthquakes, still, they have removed its towers and storage rooms- with time the stories of who these people were and their lives may give us great insight on how we are to live today. All artifacts will be stored at the Duhok National Museum. { A 3, 400 year old City in Iraq emerges from underwater after an extreme drought by Megan Marples June 20, 2022 Space + Science}

Atlantis sea ruins water underwater ancient old Brigitte Werner g5d9941582_640.jpg

Ancient fragments of the Biblical texts dating back almost 2,000 years ago during the Jewish revolt against the Rome have been found in Israel desert. A 4 year archaelogistical project uncovered parts of the Book of twelve minor prophets, including the books of Zechafuh and nahum the Israel antiquities authorities had informed on Tuesday. A 6,000 year old skeleton of a child and a basket that a CT scan has revealed a child to be 6- 12 years old with skin, tendons and some partial hair. The first set of the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered by a bedouin Shepard and are considered the most important archaeological find of the 20th century but biblical scholars can not seem to agree on their authorship. Most of the scrolls are in the Israel museum in Jerusalem but where they were found and taken by who is a mystery. { Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries are the first Ancient Bible Texts to be found in 60 years by Patrick Smith, March 16, 2022 updated March 18, 2022 News, World,}

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had asked for help when solving a mystery on the Atlantic Ocean where the Oceans Explorer found a line of oblong hole at the bottom of the ocean which looked human made. If it was any help to anyone, the dive was taken near an elongated volcanic ridge in the Atlantic Ocean. While the ocean remains a mysterious and dangerous place, it’s amazing to see some brave and daring explorers willing to open our eyes to what the rest of us can not see and should be beware. { Mysterious hole found at the Botton of the Ocean look ” almost human made” by James Felton, July 27, 2022, If/ nature, planet earth}

The U.S Military has found a pilot who died 70 years ago after he was shot down over the Pacific Ocean in the summer of 1944 in World War 2. The Navy after an underwater recovery team had found two sunken aircrafts on F6F- 3 Hellcat and a TBMI-C Avenger, the investigation continued until its pilot was found. But finding out who this pilot is may take years because many people have died during the war serving our country and many bodies have not been found. { World War 2 Pilot remains found at the Botton of Pacific Ocean after months of underwater excavation by Sydney Pereira on 3/6/18 Newsweek U.S}

Books Pile Education School Lesson Knowledge Luisella Planeta LovePeace books-ge62ca28c7_640.jpg

Students keep reading your textbooks no matter how enticing your television shows are and finish your assignments as deadlined because the textbooks and the lessons do not seem to be lies. Our planet Earth is undergoing a great change environmentally where historically, every rumor we think we hear or understand is probably true and or misunderstood and the days are coming where not only society is changing but the hidden world in our soil is rising with our history calling.

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