Md. teacher ‘inadvertently’ sends explicit photos in email to students

An Upper Marlboro, Maryland, teacher won’t face criminal charges after sending a lewd email to students, according to WTOP.

On Friday, administrators at Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School sent an email to students’ families acknowledging that an employee sent sexually explicit images in an email to the entire student body.

In a letter home to parents obtained by WTOP, Principal Taryn Washington writes the employee “inadvertently” emailed the message and “immediate action was taken by school administrators to retract the correspondence, however many individuals saw the photos and have since shared them with others.”

It’s unclear what is depicted in the photos, but Washington asked students not to share them and is making counselors as well as a mental health clinician available for their support.

The school also said appropriate steps have been taken regarding the employee but has not offered further specifics beyond that.

Prince George’s County police confirmed it investigated the case, but said the teacher isn’t facing charges.

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