Earlier this afternoon thousands of people had flooded the streets of Brooklyn to support Palestine, the partially recognized sovereign state. In a statement released on Wednesday, Police Commissioner Edward A. Caban said, “The NYPD is doing everything we can do to forestall future violence in our city. However, we know the ongoing events overseas may resonate with individuals domestically and that is hard to anticipate.”   (Source Pix 11 News).

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Twitter users exploded on the site with videos and images, many of the Jewish users calling for an end to the protests, at least in their neighborhood. The protest started hours earlier on Saturday – and was much more peaceful with thousands taking to the streets of Bay Ridge. Many marched for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

At Saturday’s protest, it was not just the Palestinian community, it was also different members of other communities to voice the same message to free Palestine.

“As a Jewish person, I don’t want the Jewish religion to be the reason for this occupation,” said Olivia Morrow. “Just treat the Palestinians as humans. They deserve every human right as any other civilians. Just treat a human as a human. That’s all we’re asking for,” added Saba Tahir. (Source WABC-TV)

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Protesters say they will continue to voice their opinions in order to bring harmony and to make sure no innocent people are killed. As of Saturday, more than 4,300 people have died in Gaza, including nearly 1,800 children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The Israel-Hamas conflict is an ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant Islamist group Hamas, which has governed the Gaza Strip since 2007. Since the group’s formation in 1987 and its subsequent seizure of power in the Gaza Strip in 2007, there have been three major conflicts between Israel and Hamas: the Gaza War in 2008-2009, the Pillar of Defense conflict in 2012, and the 2014 Gaza War. The most recent conflict has received the most attention via social media. It explains why there are more protests in favor of peace this turn around.

Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

The Palestinian people have faced displacement, occupation, and discrimination in the region for decades. In 1948, the State of Israel was established in part of historic Palestine, leading to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. This displacement is known as the ‘Nakba,’ or ‘catastrophe.’ In 1967, Israel occupied the remainder of historic Palestine, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This occupation has been condemned by the United Nations and is considered illegal under international law. Palestine is a region located in the Middle East, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to the Palestinian people, who have lived there for centuries.

Most Americans are asking, doesn’t hatred exist on both sides? Yes. The term “Israeli Zionist” is used to refer to a person who believes that the state of Israel should exist as a Jewish homeland. This belief is based on the ideology of Zionism, which was founded in the late 19th century by Theodor Herzl. The goal of Zionism is to create a Jewish nation in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people, which is the land of Israel.

In the U.S., the uptick of neo-Nazi rhetoric also makes all of this a tad bit too uncomfortable.

Israeli Zionists believe that the establishment of Israel as a Jewish homeland is a fulfillment of a prophecy in the Bible, and that the Jewish people have a right to their own homeland. They also believe that the state of Israel should be a safe and secure place for Jews to live and practice their traditions and culture.

Neo-Nazis have been linked to a number of violent incidents in the United States. In 2017, a neo-Nazi killed a woman during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. In the same year, a neo-Nazi killed an unarmed black man in Portland, Oregon. Neo-Nazis have been linked to the bombings of a Jewish community center in Seattle, Washington, and a mosque in Minnesota.

The United States government has taken steps to address the threat posed by neo-Nazis. In 2019, the Department of Homeland Security designated white supremacists as a domestic terror group, and the FBI has increased its focus on investigating white supremacist activity. However, neo-Nazis continue to be a major force in the United States, and their presence is likely to remain a major concern for years to come. It has been eight years since neo-Nazis began to gain a foothold in the United States, and the movement is still growing. In the past decade, neo-Nazis have become increasingly active in the United States, with the rise of white nationalism and alt-right movements. As of 2023, neo-Nazis are a major force in the United States.

Purpose of Hate Groups

Our next special media report is titled, Attacked: How U.S. Media Ecosystems Curate Hate Crimes. It is set to be released late 2023. We have spent the last two years researching different classes of hate groups. These groups are typically composed of individuals who share a common prejudice or animosity towards a particular group or individual, and often utilize public demonstrations, social media, and other tactics to spread their message of hate and intolerance. While there is no single purpose that unites all hate groups, there are certain underlying motivations that are common to many.

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