An excerpt from The Diary of Anne Frank

Fri 21 July 1944 (2nd to last entry in diary)

Dear Kitty, Now I am getting really hopeful, now things are going well at last. Yes, really, they’re going well! Super news! An attempt has been made on Hitler’s life and not even by Jewish communities or ENGLISH CAPITALISTS this time, but by a proud German general.

Excerpt – Anyway, it certainly shows that there are lots of officers and generals who are sick of the war and would like to see Hitler descend into a bottomless pit.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1929 and by 1934, her family migrated to Amsterdam. The Franks were Jewish. This is her first hand account, a primary source documenting the political events of the time. It is being banned.

If the Jews can’t speak for their own Holocaust then what is the point of the memory?

The IDF is committing the same atrociousness, the Nazis did in Europe. They’re hiding behind the term semitism the way white politicians hide behind dog whistles. We are too young and active to sit around like the American capitalists did in the 1930s, which was doing nothing to stop the murder while doing everything to collect dollars from the bloodshed. We do not have the luxury as Americans of doing nothing because citizenship in a superpower means we benefit from our safety as fellow nations crumble under death.

The Diary of Anne Frank is a book that is supposedly being banned in locations across the country. In reality, it is not. There is another book that is being banned, which is: Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation by Ari Folman and lists Anne Frank as the secondary author. Mister Folman is Israeli. He published his work in the United States under Pantheon, an imprint of RANDOM HOUSE. You know what else is linked to Pantheon Books, Bertelsmann – a private German media conglomerate. There is profit to be made off of “Remembering the Holocaust” and it’s not necessarily dolla dolla bills, it’s social control. The book by Folman has been banned in Florida and in Texas. Today, a pro Israel protest has been organized in Washington D.C. with speakers, the likes of Van Jones, who are being categorized in the media as the voice of Black America, when the majority of Black Americans have been promoting peace, by using the hashtag #FreePalestine. Congresswoman Rashida Tliab is the only Palestinian American in the United States Congress. She has been censured by her colleagues as more and more right wing pundits use their Twitter Blue checks to collude BLM to sympathizers of Hamas, a known terrorist group.

Are the Proud Boys A Social Group or A Terrorist Group? Is Scientology a Religion or a Cult?

Either way, we understand that words matter. Which is why access to them are being banned. If context is not needed then Americans who already collectively read at the eighth grade middle school level will continue to buy into hatred masked as rights.

For example, the media outlet, Jewish News Syndicate, reported on November 6th that former President Obama’s ‘moral equivalence’ between Hamas and Israel encourages anti-semitism hatred.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed, stating that the Congresswoman from Michigan did not possess the same pizazz as Obama does with bridging difficult conversations for the emotionally-pronged American public. The article from the WSJ is behind a paywall. The headline is available for the World to read.

Black Lives Matter activist, Tahyira Savanna, whose a resident to New York state responded to the news today from Governor Kathy Hochul calls to police social media. Savanna voted for the first female Governor in her home state. When you vote for them, you get to challenge them. “They should. So at the very at least. History will record humanity in real time. Unlike the 1930s. The last time genocide was ignored. The social media posts will show everyday powerlessness speaking truth to those sending BOMBS. #FREEPALESTINE .” Savanna, who was raised in the Jewish neighborhood of Midwood Brooklyn and was 14 years old on Tuesday September 11th, 2001, understands the powerlessness most feel when trying to find a way to stop hate. Millennials in the United States have a voice. They have survived the remnants of war as it relates to job loss and financial downturns at the onset of their adult lives due to the country being at war during their teenage lives. They are the group of Americans that are the loudest, being raised in the era of the internet. “When I had Facebook back at LIU when it first launched from Harvard U, it was literally an educational resource for college students. Now those same college kids are grown ups who are sharing the same knowledge they attained from educational institutions. The difference now is that education has become a threat.” Savanna documents Meta Inc’s and Instagram’s censorship of BIPOC creators especially those who engage with content that inspires social change. She continues, “My content is deemed woke therefore triggering therefore something deemed unnecessary and or violent its in nature. We took that with a grain of salt and asked the government, since education is devalued here, cancel student loan debt. They said its unfair for people with GEDs to pay for college kids and their debt.” When the Biden Administration, attempting to fulfill a campaign promise, discussed the cancelation of student loan debt, right wing legal brands went into overdrive funding a campaign to stop the Supreme Court from authorizing it. The two people listed in the lawsuit did not have student loan debt that would be forgiven. In particular Myra Brown, one of two plaintiffs in the Texas lawsuit, owns Desert Star Enterprises Inc. Desert Star, which appears to be a sign-making business, was granted a $48,000 loan, of which $47,996 was forgiven on April 27, 2022.  Brown, whose loans are not applicable for cancelation because they are commercially held, is willing to be a political pawn for ring wing conservatives who want to crush the working class. The lawsuit was backed by conservative advocacy group, the Job Creators Network, an organization founded by the co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus. Savanna who is the owner of TREMG News In Progress pegs her brand as an independent research outlet and a minority owned business in New York City, finished, “None of this is new in the United States. When we break down the sum of the parts, we can add up why its a successful way to keep 1% of the population owning 99% of the wealth. If they claim Capitalism is based upon competition, what do you call it when competition is crushed when it relates to elections, business, medicine, and social change. The Netflix film, Don’t Look Up, explains just how outrageous our World is becoming. “


The United States is facing an unprecedented amount of backlash but the reality of fear is felt and received on Election Day. Americans are waking up. It may take the World to be on fire for everyone to grab their personal extinguisher. The future of American cities will be dependent on how seriously the middle class takes on the owning class. With successful union fights being documented in real time, protests Worldwide in honor of peace, and more voters participating in local and statewide elections, the future is still bright. Mr. Marcus, the Home Depot guy, is in his late 90s. His lifeline is almost expired. He is trying to do as much damage as possible. Hitler killed himself when the Nazis were about to surrender. He didn’t face the Nuremberg Trials like the Nazi soldiers. If the bad guys are going to die out or off themselves, then the good guys just have to keep simply showing up. Violence never wins. Ignorance loses to love .

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