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News In Progress brings you new age millennial voices from around the World into your mailbox. Our news stories are developed with a passion for storytelling first and ad placement second.


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A podcast where you can listen to each story in audio format, for the on the go that needs to stay in the know..

Our business consultants have 10+ years of experience in talent management, entertainment services, media services, and business administration. We are not currently taking on any new clients for the 2023-2024 season. Small Minds Can’t Comprehend Big Dreams…But We Comprehend! General Inquiries Email: theredeyemediagrp@gmail.com

Tahyira Savanna

CVO, co-worker, and payroll funder. Tahyira is the owner and a contributor to News In Progress. She has been running the site since 2013. Tahyira works with fellow writers to curate the stories your read and love. She also manages the social media footprint of TREMG’s global brand. Her passions include dancing, hanging with strangers, and eating Chipotle.

Madison Murray

Madison leads the music review department of our entertainment content. She contributes to other brands like The Honey Pop and Genuis. Her passions include Taylor Swift, fashion finds, and blasting the radio too loudly.

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