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My name is Brianna Geiger and I am an aspiring YA author who wishes to make a difference. My primary genre’s of work pertain to that of horror and fantasy, but I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone. I truly believe that every story has a purpose and I hope to share that with an audience who is willing to listen.


Mirrors, the windows to one’s self, people say. I’ve always wondered what that meant as I stare at myself because I don’t like what I see every time I look through it. The scars, acne, stretch marks, folds of my stomach, and all my insecurities scream at such a high pitch it be-comes unbearable. I…

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Too Late

He knew he must keep very still while he waited. The screams have long since stopped after the killing blow was delivered on the floor below him. He didn’t know how his mother met her demise, but he could still remember her pleading eyes as the figure planted their knees on top of her to…

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Don’t Trust Your Neighbors

It has been six weeks since our new next-door neighbors have moved in, and since then, I have felt nothing but fear. The exact day that my neighbors had moved in was June 9, a Saturday. The weather had been scorching that day, the rays sending continuous lines of beading sweat down my back. I…

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Scratches in the Night

Synopsis: Do you ever wake up to scratches in the night? Scratches so loud they wake you from the deepest of sleep. It is as if the nails of the devil himself have reached and touched your soul, grasping at its purity. You begin to feel uneasy soon after waking to the point where you…

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I Don’t Believe in Love

The girl’s hands tightened as the question she pondered over was said. However, once the question left her mouth, a thickened silence had fallen over both her and the boy who stood in front of her. She knew this was going to happen. The girl had been in this situation many times before, and all…

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