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I’m a writer and editor based out of LA. I love stories and anything to do with pandas.

Enticing Moments

Three years ago, when I moved from NY to CA, I met the guys that make up Action Studios. Back then they were a rag tag group working out of their living room trying to build a company. Now, they still work out of their living room but they understand more of what they want…

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Starting without the Answer

Catherine Deputch is one of those women with doll-like features and a contagious laugh. However, she’s also a force to be reckoned with. In 5 minutes, one can see that her mind works like no other. She’s constantly taking art, music, languages, emotions, and mixing them together to form powerful pieces of cinema.  I met…

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The Journey of Suffering

If you were to see Jake Rohr the first thing you’re hit with is a tall drink of water with long long golden locks. He’s built a career off of that hair and even had an Insta handle-pun inspired by his mane. But when you meet him and really talk to him, you discover this…

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