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Business and mindset coach here. Empowering you to find your passion, build your business, and live the life of your dreams! Check out my podcast debuting in Feb. 2021 Your Small Business Podcast. A platform where small businesses can put their business in the spotlight and grow! Email me if interested in being on the show at
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Elite Women’s Business Society

I am reaching out to each and every one of you wonderful ladies to join my Elite Business Women’s Society FB Group. Just launched last night! Inside this group you can advertise you business, post your vids and lives, attain motivation and inspiration, business tips, and guest speakers will be in periodically to talk about…

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11 Ways To Stay Motivated

Even the most experienced and successful achievers can use a little help gettingmotivated from time to time. Motivating yourself is a learnable skill. Everyoneprocrastinates at times. It’s human nature. Several tactics and strategies can lift yourmotivation to the critical level necessary to get yourself moving again. Try these techniques to motivate yourself and get things…

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How To Live A More Fulfilling Life with Licensed Life Coach Rida Bakhsh

Check out my Podcast y’all! Your Small Business Podcast wherever you listen to your fav podcasts. Rida Bakhsh is a phenomenal motivational speaker and certified life coach. Rida climbed the corporate ladder to success but still felt unfilled; like so many of us do. She found herself getting so wrapped up in her work,…

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Give Yourself Time To Grow

I absolutely love to guest blog. I was so honored to blog on this awesome site Blush Social Media at I wrote an awesome piece on how we should give ourselves time to grow as we go about our entrepreneur journey. We often times try to quickly reach our goals in 8.5 seconds and don’t…

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What Is Your Passion?

Imagine having a business you love!  Where every morning you wake up and you are excited to work on your craft. When you lie on your pillow, and close your eyes, you dream about it. Dreaming  of ways you can improve and increase sales! It doesn’t feel like work or a job. It feels like…

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