Charles Webb’s “The Graduate” and the Black Lives Matter Movement

To understand “The Graduate,” both the novel and the film adaptation, you have to analyze them in the context in which both works were written.

Biden Would Win The Presidency If Elections Were Today

The study notes that since the Black Lives Matter protests began in late May, “Trump’s net approval ratings have fallen from -10.8% to -14.3%, a 18-month low and an unenviable starting point for any candidate for reelection ”.

Beautiful Villains: Alien

Alien was born at the fortuitous conjunction of those two gigantic sagas: “Star Wars” and “Dune.”

Beautiful Villains: Catherine Tramell

Elegant, manipulative, defiant, beautiful, intriguing, seductive, perverse, vicious. Catherine Tramell has it all and doesn’t know about limits or rules. She lives to the limit and doesn’t spend one second of her life in anything that doesn’t bring her extreme emotions.

UK FCA Unfreezes Wirecard and Payoneer Cards

Payoneer has declared via social media that UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has allowed Wirecard financial card products to run again, which means that Payoneer cards can be used again.