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I had a passion for writing since age twelve. I write poetry, and movies. I am currently in school getting my Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Hopefully to be a successful screen writer and author one day. I have plenty of books already unpublished and one poetry book published on amazon, “The Way I Express.”

A Different Perspective

Dealing with an illness or disease can put a “damper on your day.” Not only that but having a medical condition leads to anxiety and depression. Diseases that affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally are sometimes incurable, fatal, and leave a dark spot so full in your life that you are dying to empty. What…

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Back to School: Virtual or Public

Another school year around the globe, but this time it is merely strange due to the pandemic. Some districts chose between virtual and attending in person a couple of days out the week this time around. You can imagine some children pouty faces and bad attitudes throwing tantrums at the thought of staying home utilizing…

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First Day of FALL-ing in Love!

By Tolanda Monique posted September 22, 2020 It is the first day of Fall, which means cooler weather, shorter days, longer nights, and air conditioning converting to heat. Single people dread the Fall season, and couples are a thrill. Some people hate the cold, and others adore the 60-degree weather and below. As the leaves…

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