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Coffee addict. Wine savior. Sleep deprived. Writer. Book lover. Mom of four. Hate leaving the house because I hate pants. Just want to pee alone.

The Handmaid’s Tale, Told

Hello everyone! How has quarantine been treating you? Have you started taking your house plants out for dates on the back patio yet? No? Well good for you! My friend told me she’s only done that once, so leave her alone. If you are like me, you’ve been spending your long nights scrolling through your…

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And Now We Wait Some More

Here we are again folks. This will be a super short freak out. So my state just announced that we will continue to be in this limbo, weird, floating 4.5 stage of opening for at least two more weeks. At least two more weeks. School starts back up in less than that. What the what.…

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That Retail Life

I worked in retail. There. I said it. I worked in retail for about twenty years. In those years I learned quite a lot about the human race. Not great stuff. So when people are wondering why we can’t all wear a mask when we leave the house, for just a few weeks, to get…

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To School Or Not To School

Well my, my, how the turns have tabled. Talk of kids going back to school are heating up in my city, as the public schools are supposed to return in just two weeks. My own kids are supposed to go back a week after that. It seems to be an either-or situation at the moment.…

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