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I earned my M.A in English Lit from Gardner-Webb University in 2019. My writing mainly focuses on disability positivity. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and classic rock. Oh, and I’m also a part time phone sex operator. So, that’s a thing.

The Evolution of Disability

 What exactly is disability? If you follow the textbook definition, it’s simple a physical or mental impairment that limits someone’s ability in some way. That’s not exactly a text-book definition but whatever! The point is that, although the definition of disability is easily defined, explaining what disability is becomes increasingly complicated. The way people think…

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“Normal” People are Devils!

Some people might think ableism is just the flavor of the month, yet another tool Social Justice Warriors like to use to be “professional victims” Isn’t it obvious that the only two types of isms in this country are racism and sexism? Those are the holy pillars of the oppression hierarchy that society has deemed…

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Dangers of Identity Politics

There’s a difference between calling someone a disabled person and calling them a person with a disability. This should be a no-brainer, but some people just don’t get it. When you refer to someone based solely on what makes them different, then you are taking away that person’s identity. I mean, I’m disabled, but there…

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There is No Friend Zone

People that say they’re “in the friend zone” are deluding themselves into thinking they really want to be friends with that person. Now, I’m a man, so I don’t really know how it is on a woman’s perspective, or even if women even use the term “friend zone”. My criticism of this term is purely…

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“Playing the Victim”

A lot of people, mainly conservatives, have been throwing around the term “playing the victim” a lot in recent years. It’s been used so much that it’s pretty much lost all meaning and instead is just something people say to hide their own racial/prejudice tendencies. The idea that voicing concern over the issues facing a…

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Libertarians are Like Children

At their most basic level, Libertarians have a pretty good understanding of how society works.  Everyone should work hard and try their best to achieve their goals with as little intervention from the government as possible. Government should not get in the way of personal freedom. That’s all well and good, but the problem is…

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Disability is Not a Bad Word

Disability is not a bad word. Anyone who says otherwise is either being difficult, or they don’t know any better. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing any better—that’s how you learn. There’s been a lot of confusion over the years with able-bodied people not exactly knowing what to call people with disabilities. So, they make…

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Using Intersectionality Correctly

Intersectionality is a term that’s been thrown around a lot recently. The idea that there is a hierarchy of oppression within marginalized groups is nothing new. However, while intersectionality was originally used to understand the specific struggles facing women of color, it is now sometimes used as a tool to prove how certain marginalized groups…

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