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Sisterly Love

It's been a while. I'll be honest and say that it's been hard for me to write as of late but I'm still managing to continue moving forward. I wrote this story to practice two characters reaching the peak of their conflict with each other. Hopefully you readers can enjoy this piece that I made, and I hope that the stories I post on here can inspire someone, even in the smallest way. Pkease enjoy.

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Guardian Angel

I know it's been a while since I posted a story, but I've been struggling to write recently. I might take a big break from writing in order to make writing feel fresh to me again, but I still plan to upload onto this website no matter how long I take a break from it. I hope you readers can enjoy this story!

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Grape Juice

I don't know if wine bottles like these are actually sold, but it'd be hilarious if they were. Not for three hundred dollars though...
I hope you readers can enjoy.

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I wouldn't be surprised if no one liked this one lol. I tried to go for a ridiculous humor approach, but I may have gone a bit overboard with it. Even if I did, this is only a test and I hope you readers can enjoy!

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