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Guardian Angel

I know it's been a while since I posted a story, but I've been struggling to write recently. I might take a big break from writing in order to make writing feel fresh to me again, but I still plan to upload onto this website no matter how long I take a break from it. I hope you readers can enjoy this story!

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Grape Juice

I don't know if wine bottles like these are actually sold, but it'd be hilarious if they were. Not for three hundred dollars though...
I hope you readers can enjoy.

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I wouldn't be surprised if no one liked this one lol. I tried to go for a ridiculous humor approach, but I may have gone a bit overboard with it. Even if I did, this is only a test and I hope you readers can enjoy!

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The Great Magician

I have another story concept that I wrote. Not sure what the primary inspiration was for this one, but I just had rabbits in mind. I hope you all can enjoy!
Art done by MekarComics/Impolitemadam on Instagram

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Demon’s Curse

When I was looking back at the old version I wrote of this, I was surprised to see that it wasn't that bad. I thought I would see my old writing in a bad light, but I just wrote in a different way than I do now. I know I've definitely improved, but sometimes it's not about what's better, it's about the style of writing you prefer.

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Sacred Wish

Before I was able to come up with story concepts, I used to think about fantasy weapons and then write them out in order to practice with my descriptions. This is one that I re-wrote a while back, but I remember the old ones I wrote. I might go back and re-write those as well. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

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It’s Badminton…

Sometimes my mom says A LOT more than she should sometimes and I used it as a basis to write characters in a very simple setting, letting the conversation be the main focus of this piece. I hope you readers can relate and enjoy!

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A Determined Young Girl

I like writing weird character dynamics that feel off, but somehow makes sense between the two characters. This was also something I wrote up to help an artist with one of his characters. I hope you enjoy!
Character Leslie Werewitch belongs to Chrismason_01

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Floral Renaissance

I decided to write a story centered around flowers. I tried to add some sort of meaning to it, but I think I enjoyed writing the character learning about the significance of the flowers the most. I hope you readers enjoy!

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Traverse Town

(From: Kingdom Hearts) I really do enjoy the music from this world. It's the main reason I kept coming back to the game. I also love how to town is always at night. it gives it an infinite sense of mystery to me. I hope you readers can enjoy this just as much as I did!

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Grape Gardens

When I have trouble writing, I sit down and listen to video game music and write whatever words come to mind. The only editing I do to these is making sure that words are spelled correctly. (From: Kirby's Return To Dream Land) I hope you can enjoy!

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The Lives In Town

I was trying to go for a narratvie that collects different perspectives together of different peoples lives. I'm not sure if I did a good job, but I might continue this one day. I hope you readers can enjoy!

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Another piece I did for my artist friends! Enjoy!

Character Plumm and man that ate the frying pan belongs to (GuardianAngelAli)

Character Leslie belongs to (Chrismason_01)

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Crescent Moon Village

This story does follow any sort of in depth narrative, I was just messing around with some ideas of imagery that I've had with my friends character, Massacade. I hope you enjoy! (Character Massacade belongs to GuardianAngelAli on instagram)

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