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Sony plans to bring its hit PlayStation series to smartphones

Whatever Sony is planning is in its early days, but the company is hiring an executive at PlayStation Studios to focus on taking PlayStation’s “most popular franchises” to mobile platforms. Mobile gaming is the biggest gaming platform there is. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can play games. Recent hits, like Fortnite, have also proved that console-quality titles…

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4 Apps to Keep You Busy

Many of you have been cooped up at home trying to think of more interesting things to do at home. Now that the pandemic is still happening many of you are craving the outdoors, though still some of us are getting back to work, school, or do not have jobs at all, its still terrifying…

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VR and Nausea

By Brian Lancaster Disclaimer: I’ve never tried a VR headset, nor do I care about about VR. The closest thing to virtual reality I’ve tried was back in 1995 when I was a kid in a Circuit City trying out a Virtual Boy — some Mario game that was a huge leap backwards and just…

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Why Colossal Cave Holds Up

By Brian Lancaster Enter house, get torch, exit house, north, XYZZY. The first text adventure (also known as interactive fiction) to ever be created, was called Colossal Cave Adventure (1977), in which a sentence parser broke down the player’s commands into verbs, direct objects, and indirect objects with a preposition (the subject is always assumed…

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Stepping Out Into the Unknown

I find myself, while gaming, going out of my way to help out my friends and even spend hours in game doing so. Imagine if you could also help their real-life situation outside of the game and help a friend who was set on edge to find that tranquil place again. That place where there is catharsis in gaming once again, and you were central to helping them find it. Isn’t a friend worth the investment of your time, in order to help bring them to a better place? Aren’t you worth that time to invest in yourself?

Black Hole

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