She graces the December issue of Elle Magazine

The book tour naturally launched today in Chicago, the hometown of the Obamas.  Michelle sat with Oprah Winfrey earlier today. 

Read two highlights from tonight:

She broke down sobbing right after the 2016 inauguration

And I think it was just the release of eight years of trying to do everything perfectly. I said to Barack, ‘That was so hard. What we just did that was so hard and I’ve wanted to say that for eight years.’ “

“I saw sameness and that was the first time it struck me that this is going to be different,” Obama said of the people on the stage at President Donald Trump’s inauguration. “And then I listened to the speech and said ‘This is going to be really different.'”

She also said that she joked about getting on the presidential plane after the inauguration, turning around and mouthing “Bye, Felicia.”

“I didn’t do it,” she said, sparking a roar of laughter from the crowd.

She talked more about her trip to marriage counseling with Barack

Obama said she initially went into marriage counseling with the idea that the counselor would tell Barack to “fix himself.”

“I wanted to bring him in to have another person tell him ‘Get yourself together,’ ” she joked.

She said that some of their issues arose when they started on their first joint project: parenting. 

“What I learned about myself was that it’s not my partner’s job to make me happy, we have to make each other happy,” she said. “There’s a part of me that was waiting for him to do for me and I didn’t need him to do it, I needed it done. I was having arguments not about it getting done but about him doing it.”

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