Gray Beauty

It’s easy to feel inspired by color, it’s easy to feel some sense of emotion brought on by vibrancy. Most of the time in life, we tend to see things as one way or the other: black and white, good and bad, law and order. We learn early that there aren’t really shades to living….

Over 97,000 Student Are Infected Of Coronavirus In United States

According to a CNN report, over 97,000 students have tested positive for coronavirus for the last 2 weeks of July in the U.S. it no joke that the coronavirus is a lethal virus which can get contracted easily. Young age groups are now more known to be prone to this virus. This might turn into…

How did we get here with Covid-19?

What went wrong with the handling of Coronavirus? At the beginning of this year we all had so many hopes and aspirations. 2020 was going to be the year that had to be so much better than 2019. But then March hit and the rest is history. Not wanting to go over the history over…

What the MLB’s Struggle With Coronavirus Means for the NFL

Yesterday, as many as fourteen individuals within the Miami Marlins baseball team tested positive for the coronavirus, resulting in the postponement of three games within just the first week of the MLB season. The outbreak within the Marlins organization is not only problematic for baseball, but it also bodes poorly for the NFL as they…

Biden Would Win The Presidency If Elections Were Today

The study notes that since the Black Lives Matter protests began in late May, “Trump’s net approval ratings have fallen from -10.8% to -14.3%, a 18-month low and an unenviable starting point for any candidate for reelection ”.

10 Tips to Enjoy Your Next Beach Getaway Safely

Are you craving a beach getaway? Are the coronavirus statics preventing you from putting a plan into action though? Staying healthy should always be your top priority. Although getting away from the house and getting some vitamin D would be beneficial to your mental and physical health. You can’t deny that all negative emotions quickly…

And Now We Wait Some More

Here we are again folks. This will be a super short freak out. So my state just announced that we will continue to be in this limbo, weird, floating 4.5 stage of opening for at least two more weeks. At least two more weeks. School starts back up in less than that. What the what….

To School Or Not To School

Well my, my, how the turns have tabled. Talk of kids going back to school are heating up in my city, as the public schools are supposed to return in just two weeks. My own kids are supposed to go back a week after that. It seems to be an either-or situation at the moment….

Hope: The sole panacea in our battle against COVID-19

Have you ever chanced  to witness the movement of water as it flows past through a stream, a canal or a river ? With its pale clear fluidity , does not it usher in a revitalising vibe, unleashing a purity of an inexplicable standard? But there is something else , something enlightening in its movements as it dances its way before you:Crests followed by a gradual immediacy of troughs. This alternating motion of water waves and…

U.S. ICE Students Ban, A Bad Decision During The Pandemic

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student Ban is pointless, terrible, and short-sighted. It seems the administration seeks no light out of the coronavirus pandemic. Measures which will reduce the adverse effect of the pandemic are supposed to be introduced. However, policies which will increase negative result are initiated. The new rule on international students…