Dear Covid

Dear Covid,

How have you been? I know that it has been a few months and we got to know each other. I got to know your strengths. You are very easy to catch, many lives have been taken by you, and you cause so many symptoms of a cold or flu. The list keeps growing but don’t worry I have sources of protection that can shield me from your influence. I have a mask on. I wear gloves at work, and keep my distance from friends and strangers from the outside. You have kept me in a bubble and have given me and the rest of the world fear. You have caused a great divide between our nation of the United States. There has been many arguments among adults, teenagers, children, races, ethnicities, and sexualities. I have never seen my world so distraught.

But, despite your gruesome welcome I have learned that you have brought us a good opportunity. Now more than ever I have time to reflect at home and be able to spend more time with my family. Those friends who I used to see every day are now far away and I appreciate their time and effort to stay connected to me through text and video chat. Everyone is helping one another through this difficult time. For younger generations it has been a teachable moment. When times of crisis are at large, we are united despite our differences, trying to find ways to connect again, to have those uncomfortable conversations, to be more open minded and to be generous to those who need it most.

So, even though you arrived unannounced and caused such chaos. I want to be the first one to say that I forgive you. You may have caused so much heart ache, but you gave us a chance to use our hearts in creating a better world after. You have overstayed your welcome and I hope the time comes when you leave permanently. I appreciate the learning opportunity.


the human race

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