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Hello! I am a writer that enjoys writing about media and prose. I reside in Sacramento with my furry four-legged son who enjoys to dance with me because literally nobody is watching us.

Political Values

You’re eating Thanksgiving leftovers at your parents’ home or with a loved one and you can’t help but remember the night before when that certain relative started going on and on about their political beliefs. Many of you contested to their opposing beliefs, many of you just heard and tried to move on to not…

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My Battle with Anxiety

TW: I don’t recommend anyone reading this in an anxious state, come back later love. I was at work, I sat in my office chair and looked over the day’s invoices I had to finish. The night before I slept three to four hours after returning from a rowdy night from the bar with friends.…

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Fresh on the Scene: Silk Animus

Silk Animus is a rap artist on the rise as he is currently on tour with Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers. Based from Sacramento, California, Silk Animus brings eclectic and exploratory rap music to the table. Silk Animus! Before anything else, a big thank you for doing this with us! So let’s dive in, share…

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This is 24

I turn twenty-four in five days. It’s time to start eating healthier, book your own dentist appointments, and realize that everyone you once knew is married or having kids. Then there’s you, still unsure of what you want to be, drinking day old coffee, and pretending that your body isn’t being affected by poor choices.…

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Old Friend

Hello my friend, It is saddening to see you here, once more.  We haven’t spoken in a while, how have you been? Where have your travels taken you? I was doing well while you were gone, adjusted to the right channel on the radio. No static, hardly any advertisements. I was operating and accepting the…

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Pandemic Hobbies

Since March 2020, people have found ways to cope with the stress and the boredom. This pandemic has certainly been more devastating than constructive but, we’ve explored new hobbies and trends while stuck at home that we might’ve not have tried if lock down hadn’t taken place. During the first few months, optimism was in…

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Sega Dreamcast

I never owned a Sega Dreamcast, my parents couldn’t afford it and the market was bombarded with many other consoles of different shapes and colors that interested me more than the late 90’s console with the orange swirl logo. The first gaming console I ever owned was a Gamecube. The black cube made everything better every time I…

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COVID-19 and Homelessness

What a time to be alive. Almost every person has used some sort of bingo joke or underlined the fact this is such a bizarre point in time. The words “pandemic,” “quarantine,” and “Coronavirus,” were one of the most top searched words according to Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2020. Almost every person in some…

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She was losing control. She started to panic. She was close to the net and smashed the overhead shot but regrettably aimed out of the court. It was my game and serve. She started to tighten her muscles more, often wiping the sweat from her forehead. I looked for my sweet spot, I never had…

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