Conversations about new local taquerias to Bay Area rappers, to hot button topics taking place in Central California, this is the Greatest Voice in the West Coast.
Joseph Thomas on TMZ.

With a following of 40k on all social media platforms, podcaster JT posts daily on all social platforms about what is happening mainly in Central California. Topics range from eateries in Stockton to the Bay Area, hot artists in the area, or newsworthy events throughout the Central Valley.

Joseph! Let’s jump into it, the West Coast Greatest Voice Podcast, what do you share on your platform?

I share a little bit of everything actually. I talk about the culture of California and how diverse it is.

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You dive into several topics on your show, politics, news, taquerias you’ve tried and the kind of lifestyle around you, out of everything, what do you enjoy talking about the most?

I don’t have a favorite, poets write based off what they’re thinking so it’s mainly stuff that is on my mind and certain experiences I’ve had.

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What is your motivation to do this everyday?

It’s simple. I talk too fucking much. I have a desire to get a point across people. I get really uncomfortable from not talking to people so I would say my motivation is to speak my mind.

Who are your influences? 

Charlamagne tha God, Joe Budden and Steve Harvey. They pushed me into being a podcaster as I grew up listening to the Steve Harvey Show and their radio shows. The irony id that now I have a bigger audience than local radio hosts.

Joseph Thomas on Good Morning America.

What are some of the next goals as a podcaster running on all platforms?

The next goal would be to become the voice of culture. The best feeling in the world (to me) is people coming to me telling me that they resonate with what I say online. I appreciate things that come from a real place and it’s genuine. I feel like I can make people feel recognized.

What is something you’d like to share with TREMG readers?

Take full advantage of the power of choice. A lot of times as people, we’ll create our own prisons and mentally trap ourselves. I’m just learning that we as humans don’t get that (they) have a choice to step out of the situation. Life is going so good for me right now. It was all a question of me deciding to do this. Just don’t let me listen to Sesame Street songs when I’m sad.

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